Christopher Kane Turns Flowers Inside Out For Spring 2014

To even imagine such a feat + then have it executed with such beauty + wit, goes to show you just how imaginative + talented Christopher Kane truly is. Sure, florals have pervaded fashion for decades, but to take the scientific approach, as Kane did for spring, was quite unique.

Kane approached the flower in several parts – the petals + color were treated conceptually while then introducing a scientific illustration.  The petals were interpreted through graphic petal shape cut-outs, accentuated with patent outlines while their softness came into play with white slip dresses interwoven with organza sunburst pleats in pale green (mid pic in both rows).


The color of florals, one might say, were symbolized by wisps of color on the shiny metallic looks below.

imageAnd finally you had scientific floral illustrations that must have rendered a few speechless. There were floral diagrams on sweatshirts and skirts, as embellishment + as cutouts, whereas other times, there was a white organza slip with the word “Petal” over the right shoulder, with black arrows throughout, while a colorful flower, created out of cartoon-like appliqués, was ingeniously placed with the flower’s pistil between the wearer’s legs. 



(photos: Giovanni Giannini)

((via WWD)

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