Photos That Show What Sex ‘Really Looks & Feels Like’

For photographer Sarah Anne Johnson, taking great photos is just not enough. You see, the artist loves to draw, burn + scratch all over her pics, giving them that little bit extra.  For her ‘Wonderlust’ series, the intimacy of couples having sex is heightened, if not celebrated, by utilizing these tactics. It first started with […]

VFILES never lets us down, especially with today’s debut of their VFILES Shopping Network (VF$N) above. You have hosts CJ + Danielle, killing it, just like the pros on HSN + QVC, featuring Gerlan of Gerlan Jeans, rapper Junglepussy, models + friends, for what they call an epic “retail adventure.” As a way to say ‘thank you’ […]

This fashion film for SCHANG VITON‘s ‘HUESOS’ SS/14 collection, not only reminds me of a performance art film, but also of an Eighties music video. Love the low budget production quality, heightened by futuristic synth sounds. (via NJAL)

To set your weekend off right, here’s Beyoncé‘s ‘Party’ video, featuring J. Cole for #FlashbackFriday.  Queen Bey’s looks throughout, hit high notes, one after the other, + with friends like that, I’d party all day, everyday.  Don’t you just love Solange‘s look too, turning it out on the turntables?! Note to self:  If ever I mow […]