Rose McGowan Pushes The Boundaries Of Beauty In New Video For ‘RM486’

When talking about her new video for track ‘RM486’ in an interview with NOWNESS, Rose McGowan said, “Not only did I not fit in, I didn’t want to fit in,”, adding, “I believe in civil disruption. I also think it’s important for bodies to be represented in a non-sexual manner, especially women’s bodies,” + in this case […]

M.I.L.K’s Video For Track ‘If We Want To’ Guarantees Summer On Repeat

Unfortunately, the video described below no longer is fit for public view but you can at least enjoy the song. If you want to feel the sun on your face + feel the swell of your heart when falling in love, then you’ll totally dig M.I.L.K’s ingenious debut video for track ‘If We Want To’, by […]

Liven Up Your Afternoon With ‘Ballroom Battle’ For #TBT

For #ThrowbackThursday, I was thinking, ‘What film can visually express how everyone is feeling on the inside, knowing the weekend is hours away + yet, they’re still expected to concentrate + do work today?’  Then I found Clara Cullen’s ‘Ballroom Battle’, which perfectly captures that energy! Last year’s winner for Best Hair at the Berlin […]

Jonathan Turner’s ‘Dark Matter’ Plays With Light + The Color Black

‘Dark Matter’, Jonathan Turner‘ digital film homage to painter Pierre Soulages, you get to experience how the famous artist’s all black paintings play with light.  By using only black paint (below), according to NOWNESS, the oft-namedropped nonagenarian artist manipulates the spectrum of light bouncing off the surfaces of his works, in turn conceiving a new shade of his own, […]

Now this is how you start your weekend during the holidays with class! There’s no mistaking I love, love, love John Waters + what better way to sprinkle some holiday cheer than with a few words of wisdom from Waters himself in a film excerpt from ‘Jingle Bell Rocks!‘ presented by NOWNESS.  With the Xmas […]

Every time I see a new + improved android, I am speechless as to how much closer man + machine will become indistinguishable from one another.  So imagine my reaction when I saw Shan-san (or Geminoid F, the ‘F’ being for ‘Female’) above, a high-tech Japanese humanoid that appears to breathe, blink, + talk about what […]

Usually, strong women are perceived as being unattractive due to their muscular appearance, which many still consider to look to masculine.  Yet, in Desert Sound Colony’s music video for ‘I Get Fixed’ featuring 20 year veteran Colette Nelson, director Callie Barlow shows the analogy between the the world of bodybuilding with that of the fashion industry.  By […]

As a fitness aficionado, this fashion film for Nike Women with ‘technical couture’ fashion designer Pedro Lourenço presented by NOWNESS, really hit home hard!  Featuring Pedro’s first women’s performance collaboration for Nike, which includes an eight-piece collection celebrating the sensuality of having a second skin made of finely knit mesh, woven satin + at times, an embossed crocodile motif, in couture-inspired […]