Now this is how you start your weekend during the holidays with class!

There’s no mistaking I love, love, love John Waters + what better way to sprinkle some holiday cheer than with a few words of wisdom from Waters himself in a film excerpt from ‘Jingle Bell Rocks!‘ presented by NOWNESS.  With the Xmas holiday soon upon us, one can’t escape it, as Waters says, what with all the commercials, holiday windows + that dreaded color combo of green + red – it’s the only time of year you can get away with it as it’s been branded into pop culture as official Xmas colors.  But I can’t lie, the I’m like a moth to the flame when faced with a variety of Xmas lights – need to take a moment to swallow it all in.  I’m aiming for a smoke machine under my Xmas tree this year – that should be something!

But this film follows the cult of the Xmas record through visits to Waters, Flaming Lips’ Wayne CoyneJoseph ‘Run’ Simmons of Run DMC et al, where according to NOWNESS, director Mitchell Kezin, posits the Christmas record as a uniquely outré genre to be cherished, for its potential to tickle feelings of warmth + magic unique to the time of year.  Sure, most remember Nat King Cole, Bing Crosby, The Chipmunks + Mariah Carey, transporting them back to childhood Xmas memories, but this film rather pays homage to obscure tracks like ‘Santa Ain’t Coming to Town’ + Teddy Vann’s provocative take on ‘I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus’ 1973 single, ‘Santa Claus is a Black Man’ (which you can hear below)

sung by his daughter Akim. (As a first time listener of this song, why weren’t more like it created or maybe there were + I just don’t know, which is sad, I know.)  Of Vann’s song Waters said, ‘To me as a kid I thought what a great idea,’ who included the release on his 2004 compilation ’A John Waters Christmas. ‘Santa Claus is a black man, I hope.’ 

But seriously, all Xmas memories should be filled with such precious moments, of your near + dear, wearing a santa hat in their mugshot, like the one of John Waters shown in the film.  Priceless!

‘Jingle Bell Rocks!’ is out in select US theaters this month, + available on DVD, cable VOD + digital platforms from December 9.



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