Ha! And They Say Lipstick Doesn’t Last Forever…

(photo: Paul Petro Contemporary Art) But In The Hands Of Artist Janet Morton It Does, Yet Not The Way You Think When I first saw this small work by Canadian artist Janet Morton entitled ‘Lipstick, 2010-2011’ (comprised of wool and found lipstick containers), my immediate reaction was to laugh at the simple ‘tongue and cheek’ […]

i-D Looks To More Designers And Models For A Wink

(photos: Daniele + Iango) (photos: Juergen Teller & Walter Pfeiffer) (photos: Daniele + Iango) (photos: Daniele + Jango & Richard Bush) On The Cover Of Their Spring Royalty Issue 9 covers in total(missing is Karl Lagerfeld mentioned before), my favorites include Karl Lagerfeld(shocking right?), the gorgeous and brilliant violinist Hahn-Bin, genius Vivienne Westwood and models […]

Since Helmut Newton’s death, France has yet to show a retrospective of his work until now.  A photographer known for provocation, eroticism, sometimes violence and plenty of ‘tongue & cheek’ humor, this exhibit will include more than two hundred of Helmut’s photographs, mostly original or vintage prints and a film by his wife June Newton.  For […]

AB/CD/CD: On Hold on Nowness.com. This Is What Synth Loops Look Like & Boy, What A Ride! When I won’t have less than a remix (fuck the radio edit) and a lover of repetition, nothing marries both better than AB/CD/CD’s new short, ‘On Hold’ with the help of experimental electronic act Factory Floor.  Visualizing the synth loops […]