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This Is What Synth Loops Look Like & Boy, What A Ride!

When I won’t have less than a remix (fuck the radio edit) and a lover of repetition, nothing marries both better than AB/CD/CD’s new short, ‘On Hold’ with the help of experimental electronic act Factory Floor.  Visualizing the synth loops of Factory Floor’s ‘Real Love’ (in English) and based on Michael Haneke’s ‘71 Fragments of a Chronology of Chance’ – where main character plays ping-pong against a machine in a never ending loop.  AB/CD/CD’s Arnaud Boutin, Clement Dozier and Camille Dauteuille, shot a series of repetitive scenes over a few weekends where Clement explains, “When you listen carefully to Factory Floor, you can detect that it’s live, it’s not only a cold sequencer playing, it’s organic.  They are actually playing that track as the actors are re-doing their movements.”  Even Factory Floor couldn’t deny the synergy as mentioned by guitarist and vocalist Nik Void, “It’s not far from how our music works, it gives space in the viewer’s own mind to imagine and conclude what the context is about.”  Having made vids for notables like Lily Allen, they are just finishing a film for genius Opening Ceremony – can’t wait.



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