This Season, Create Memorable Narratives With Electric Feathers

There’s not a single piece from Electric Feathers SS/15 collection that you won’t fall in love with.  Definitely channeling the urban nomadic feel, the concept behind Leana Zuniga’s label is to capture contemporary timelessness + versatility. All the pieces in this collection definitely capture a contemporary timelessness + versatility with roomy silhouettes that still manage […]

Seeing What Lies Beneath With Atelier Kikala

Atelier Kikala highlights one of my favorite trends of the season – sheer accents. Part of the SS/2015 collection, according to the brand, it is ‘inspired by nature, with each piece perceived as a new object of desire + a new concept of luxury. The modern world becomes more industrialized; there is a struggle for survival. Desire […]

WANTED: Pink Cotton Tattoo Collar By Vivetta

*Before I continue, I would just like to apologize for being MIA for the past few days – having the flu is no party + neither is reading forced content. There’s no denying I love tattoos, so when I came across Vivetta’s‘Pink Cotton Tattoo Collar’, I thought this is a ‘must have’ for anyone’s Spring wardrobe. […]

Reminder: Uniqlo Shockiku Kabuki Collabo Collection To Drop Monday, March 23rd In U.S.

This Monday, March 23, Uniqlo’s collaboration with iconic Japanese film + theater company Shochiku Co. Lt + renown Kabuki Actor Ichikawa Ennosuke IV as Project Ambassador, under the creative direction of NIGO, will be dropping their Kabuki influenced men’s + women’s collection of clothing + accessories in the U.S. Of course, with NIGO in charge, the […]

Book ‘Lance Out Loud’ Is Proof There Are People Who Really DO Suck The Marrow Out Of Life

Lance Loud is described by friend Christopher Makos assomeone that felt life, not looking too far into the past + not staring too far into the future, but loving the moment.  ‘That was Lance.’  In ‘Lance Out Loud’, by Pat Loud, Edited by Christopher Makos, published by Glitterati Incorporated, you get to know Lance as […]

In-Flight Safety Announcement Turned Into Dope Track

Talk about sheer genius!   When it comes to taking a flight, most people would rather watch paint dry instead of listening to a mad boring in-flight safety announcement.  But not YouTuber YouBee.  You see, YouBee sampled the whole thing then loaded it into Fruity Loops, resulting in this banger with Aussie sounding vocals.  It’s so […]

6 Ways MUUSE Shows Its Love For 5 Patterns This Season

For their SS/15 season, MUUSE has fallen in love with pattern play, specifically five patterns.  But MUUSE is so loving, it shows its love six different ways, in the form of dresses, tops, bottoms + one accessory, thanks to designers LOUISE KÖRNER, ELIAS HÖGBERG + HUANG TING-YUN. There are three types of dresses – a full-skirted mini […]

Niagara’s Video For ‘Else’ Is Something Else + Then Some

Niagara’s latest video for ‘Else’ is a mix of two of my loves, digital art + experimental pop.  The video features a sick heavy synth track + many different special effects created by over twenty animators, resulting in an intense experience.  With special effects including something as mundane as brushing your teeth celebrated in vibrant […]