WANTED: Pink Cotton Tattoo Collar By Vivetta

*Before I continue, I would just like to apologize for being MIA for the past few days – having the flu is no party + neither is reading forced content.

There’s no denying I love tattoos, so when I came across Vivetta’s
‘Pink Cotton Tattoo Collar’, I thought this is a ‘must have’ for anyone’s Spring wardrobe.  Featuring a set of hands that look like they’re tying a ribbon, you would have to think the owner of such hands is a bad ass!  


Besides the black nail polish, the ink on these hands includes dripping roses, lightning bolts, hearts + diamond sparkle shapes.  The tattoos could almost pass for traditional American.

Although it looks cute with the dress above, I personally would wear it as a necklace with a sporty crisp white tank or something strapless, but to really make it pop, I would also consider wearing it with a pant suit + just have the pinching fingers peeking through.  Of course, the fact that this piece works for both day + night is a major plus.

Available for purchase at AVENUE32.

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