Lindsey Wixson, with her goldfish lips + gap-toothed smile, is one of my favorite models + having her in this fashion film makes it that much better.  Art directed by David Havstein + Malthe Madsen, featuring the ‘Windows’ SS/14 collection by designer + friend Freya Dalsjø, her inspiration is quite clear – Japanese architecture’s minimalism, with it’s […]

For #ThrowbackThursday, here’s Prada‘s ‘Trembled Blossoms’, the first fashion film of it’s kind by a luxe fashion house, showcasing actual pieces from a collection – specifically shoes, a dress + a bag, from Prada’s SS/08 collection. In this animated short, directed by James Lima, illustrations by James Jean (below) set the tone, accentuating the elaborate curves, patterns + characters […]


What’s not to love about these boots?!   PUMA BY MIHARA YASUHIRO are at it again to create a shoe that marries boot accents with high top Puma kicks – The MY-68 boot.  With a mix of all black leather + stingray uppers, on top of a white midsole, the sneaker is then transformed into […]

For Fall, Bevza’s Collection, Full Of Playful Simplicity, Is Sure To Gain New Admirers

Creator of the ‘White Dress’ concept as a must-have + one of the Ukraine’s 5 top designers, Svetlana of Bevza created a fall collection full of simple silhouettes, using the timeless color palette of black + white. Some shapes look to the Sixties for inspiration (row 3, look 3), but for the most part, a lot […]

For Fall, Go Sightseeing With Nikicio

Using photorealistic images on clothing is nothing new, but I really love what designer Nina Karina Nikicio created for fall.  Using shots from a recent trip to New Zealand, Nina managed to create interesting silhouettes for label Nikicio‘s fall collection.  With layering + mixing opposite textures including leather, thick wool + silk, one can be […]

Karl Lagerfeld: Zillions on In February, Brit film director + photographer Malcolm Venville was enlisted to interview fashion god Karl Lagerfeld while in St. Moritz.  Lagerfeld was there for an exhibition series of a new set of his fire etchings on glass, based on portraits of his muses such as Theophilus London, Freja Beha Erichsen + […]

Animals Dressed In Fall Fashions Look Better Than You Think

Thanks to Spanish artist Miguel Vallinas ingenuity, he masterfully manipulates photos of animals dressed in fall fashions, to create interesting portraits.  Later on, I’ll show you another similar series + you decide which is better. Called ‘Segundas Pieles’ (Second Skins’), it’s funny how he knew how to to style each individual animal based on it’s species, […]