Karl Lagerfeld: Zillions on Nowness.com

In February, Brit film director + photographer Malcolm Venville was enlisted to interview fashion god Karl Lagerfeld while in St. Moritz.  Lagerfeld was there for an exhibition series of a new set of his fire etchings on glass, based on portraits of his muses such as Theophilus London, Freja Beha Erichsen + Aymeline Valade, at Galerie Gmurzynska.  As the assignment draws near, Lagerfeld only has time to answer one question, which is unbelievable after Venville’s several flights, two long train journeys + cray early wake-up calls to make it happen.  The whole experience turned into the short film above called ‘Zillions’.

Venville asks,’ Is there one greatest influence on you?’  Lagerfeld replies, ‘Zillions.  I’m like a building with TV antennae.  I catch it all + forget about it.  I don’t analyze.  Analyzing is very bad! ’

Karl should add philosopher to his list of talents if he hasn’t already.


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