Lindsey Wixson, with her goldfish lips + gap-toothed smile, is one of my favorite models + having her in this fashion film makes it that much better.  Art directed by David Havstein + Malthe Madsen, featuring the ‘Windows’ SS/14 collection by designer + friend Freya Dalsjø, her inspiration is quite clear – Japanese architecture’s minimalism, with it’s special ability to cut straight to the bone + the effortless ease of putting on flip-flops + a bathrobe in the a.m.  Freya told PURPLE she wanted to give this collection a naked, vital + optimistic look that simultaneously allows for a sense of fragility, which she successfully accomplished, using clean lines + geometric shapes.  The music, ‘Box Caisson’ by Yves De Mey, perfectly accompanies the Lindsey throughout the film.


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