Book ‘Lance Out Loud’ Is Proof There Are People Who Really DO Suck The Marrow Out Of Life


Lance Loud is described by friend Christopher Makos assomeone that felt life, not looking too far into the past + not staring too far
into the future, but loving the moment. 
‘That was Lance.’  In ‘Lance
Out Loud’, by Pat Loud, Edited by Christopher Makos, published by Glitterati
, you get to know Lance as closely as his mom Pat Loud + famous
friends, including Andy Warhol + Rufus Wainwright did, through this entertainingly
beautiful + heartfelt intimate portrait of America’s first reality TV Star +
gay icon.


In 1973, the airing of PBS’s groundbreaking reality TV show, ‘An
American Family’, sparked Lance’s road to stardom. 
A series comprised of twelve episodes, put the Loud family under the
microscope over the span of two years, during which Lance, the oldest son, came
out as gay.

although Lance’s sexual orientation was the cause of national controversy +
media scrutiny, Lance relished the limelight.  Friend Rufus Wainwright said, ‘According to Lance the
greatest sin in the world was to be a bore,’ + here he was, in America’s homes
on PBS, showing everyone a glimmer of how greatness came to be + what kind of
family nurtures it.  

With a book such as
this, containing photographs, publicity material, + clippings field-related to
‘An American Family’, personal papers, writings, + some correspondence, you
really get to feel like you’re part of one of Lance’s many admirers, which was
anyone who met him.  You really get
a sense of the Lance everyone knew + loved, through the ‘huge bite he took out
of life’ visible through his gorgeous eyes staring back at you, from the many
photographs inside.  

Considered to
be a brilliant writer, friend Kristian Hoffman said, ‘ Lance lived + spoke writing
in real time, like a taste meant to be savored in one course, + then balanced
with altogether new flavors in the the next,’ adding ‘In the same way that
Lance was the destination, Lance’s greatest writing was the now.’

His mom Pat Loud
mentions how Lance’s wit + his engaging charm drew people to him.  She said, ‘He was also highly
opinionated, not always right + possessed a huge vocabulary.  But if there wasn’t a word for something
he’d make one up.  He once told me
that he hoped I wouldn’t become “hagular” in my old age.’   One photograph that really made me
smile, highlighting his wit, whether subconscious or not, is one of the Duchess
of Windsor, that was used as note paper, with a bunch of writing on top of it.

Lance Loud was the kind of person one wishes they are or they become, a walking
cliché for ‘sucking out all the marrow of life’!  ‘Lance Out Loud’, by Pat Loud, Edited by Christopher
Makos, published by Glitterati Incorporated, is available for purchase at


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