Reminder: Uniqlo Shockiku Kabuki Collabo Collection To Drop Monday, March 23rd In U.S.

This Monday, March 23, Uniqlo’s collaboration with iconic Japanese film + theater company Shochiku Co. Lt + renown Kabuki Actor Ichikawa Ennosuke IV as Project Ambassador, under the creative direction of NIGO, will be dropping their Kabuki influenced men’s + women’s collection of clothing + accessories in the U.S.


Of course, with NIGO in charge, the Kabuki theater culture references, including the high drama of bright elaborate makeup + costumes, are anything but literal.  The collection shares the traditional esthetic of this art form similar to traditional woodblock prints, calligraphy + graphic patterns, but, with a contemporary edge, like the tee with the Kabuki mask above, resembling a Rorschach inkblot + below, a digital print of the front of the kimono to its left.


So don’t forget to check out the collection online or in person on Monday.

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