Green Gift Guide 2015

1–Square Brim Hat by ILARIUSSS, farfetch 2–Army Leopard Stella Boot by IVYLEE, Bona Drag 3-Titanium Single Wall 450 Cup Green by Snow Peak, 290 Square Meters 4–Play Green by COMME des GARÇONS, Sephora 5–Roll-Top Green Glitter Socks, Topshop 6–Enamel Drop Pearl Drop Earrings by Leivankash, Avenue 32 7–100-L 4Wheel Spinner Trolley, 8–Arizona Ring by ALEXANDRA ALBERTA, Wolf +  Badger 9– Vectory Kaleidoscopic Bag,Vespoe 10–Leather Train Belt by LOEWE, Browns

Although brief, it’s still pretty powerful + emotional.   Here’s a quick look at a past cover shoot for the lab magazine Issue No.7, featuring the inimitable genius that is all Marina Abramovic, the ‘Godmother of Performance Art’. Shot by Justin Tyler Closer + styled by Michelle Carimpong, we see Marina go from donning big hair in […]

For Fall, COMMES des GARÇONS Beautifully Demonstrates How Tailoring Has No Limits

Conventionally, we are used to pants only having two legs + jackets only having two arms, but when there’s any change involved that affects either, it usually includes a change in width, draping, length, stitching + fit.  Yet, in Rei Kawakubo’s hands, she redefined + challenged convention, resulting in pushing the limits of tailoring, where […]

How Fashionable Wit Took Over 2012 With Simplicity

With 2012 coming to a close, I couldn’t help but reflect on how a lot of fashionable wit was commonplace on the most common of clothing items, the tee shirt.  The tee shirt, a staple in mostly everyone’s wardrobe, has definitely graduated into a sophisticated something, of various lengths, silhouettes, cuts and motifs.  Yet, the […]

‘Patterns Of Science’ Seems Patterned After Contemporary Avant-Garde Fashion

When I stumbled upon the work of Ian Anderson Hall, many contemporary designs came to mind that have achieved the same effect if not, a slight nod to it.   by promoting intercultural understanding  through the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco) .  It is this notion that bounds the pieces together as Hall views […]

Since Helmut Newton’s death, France has yet to show a retrospective of his work until now.  A photographer known for provocation, eroticism, sometimes violence and plenty of ‘tongue & cheek’ humor, this exhibit will include more than two hundred of Helmut’s photographs, mostly original or vintage prints and a film by his wife June Newton.  For […]