‘Patterns Of Science’ Seems Patterned After Contemporary Avant-Garde Fashion

When I stumbled upon the work of Ian Anderson Hall, many contemporary designs came to mind that have achieved the same effect if not, a slight nod to it.   by promoting intercultural understanding  through the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco) .  It is this notion that bounds the pieces together as Hall views fashion patterns similar to those in human genetics.  By enshrouding the model in fashion patterns from head to toe, the models all share the same body and emotions of everyone else.  Using vintage catalog pics for this is definitely a great touch.  

What’s funny though, is how this reminded me so much of COMMES des GARÇONS Rose Print Couture dress fall 2012 as seen below.

(photo: Vogue.com)

What’s crazy is how the images look so contemporary, especially the dress styles and choice of patterns for each look.

(photo: Ian Anderson Hall)

These patterns scream mui mui on jackets with matching tights or dresses with matching skinny pants.

As for additional contemporaries embracing the fashion patterns head to toe look,

(photo: Sibling)

there’s knitwear label Sibling, created by Sid Bryan, Joe Bates and Cozette McCreery.

And who can forget Lady Gaga at the 2009 VMAs wearing a red lace Alexander McQueen couture dress from his Fall 1998 collection?

(photo: MTV)

Yet the best one of them all, which definitely influenced Lady Gaga is Australian performance artist, Leigh Bowery.  Here was an artist that never knew when to say enough  

(photo: The Sassy Zebra)

and yet, he made excess look sophisticated, unique, fun and with and overwhelmingly use of fashion patterns and textures  


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