“Asphalt, Muscle & Bone” Wrestles With Powerful Themes and Emotions In London

Wrestle, Asphalt, Muscle & Bone, Bill Hayward, film still, cause and yvette

(film still: “Asphalt, Muscle & Bone”, *The Museum of Emotions-Performance Gallery #2, Bill Hayward) *Click here to see film excerpt Bill Hayward‘s award-winning film “Asphalt, Muscle & Bone” does more than wrestle with powerful visuals. It also wrestles with the complexity of emotions through different themes. An official selection in this year’s North Europe International Film Festival: […]

Here’s the scariest clip from Francis Ford Coppola’s ‘Bram Stoker’s Dracula’ – in this scene, you finally see Lucy (Sadie Frost) turned into a vampire, wearing a sick costume, designed by Eiko Ishioka, the late, genius costume designer (she actually won an oscar for the costumes in this film), + meeting her end, at the hand […]

Although brief, it’s still pretty powerful + emotional.   Here’s a quick look at a past cover shoot for the lab magazine Issue No.7, featuring the inimitable genius that is all Marina Abramovic, the ‘Godmother of Performance Art’. Shot by Justin Tyler Closer + styled by Michelle Carimpong, we see Marina go from donning big hair in […]

‘Spring Breakers’ Will Break You + Send You On Your Way Wrapped In Neon

Friday, I watched flmmaker Harmony Korine’s latest flick, ‘Spring Breakers’, + it’s definitely a ‘must see’.  Most critics have already panned it as basically being a waste of time, full of debauchery or just another flick with lots of tits, sex, drugs + lots + lots of beer!  Spring Break has always been a time […]

Step into Delfina Delettrez‘s surrealist landscape in this short film featuring ‘Magic Triangle’, her AW/13 jewelry collection.  Directed by Daniel Saanwald + inspired by extra-terrestial phenomenon + paranormal activity, the viewer gets to experience 3D images of pieces in the collection through a narrative worthy of Salvador Dali. (via Vogue France)