Why We Love A Flaw and You Should Too

A while ago, if you had a flaw, people would often criticize you for being and looking different. Boy, have times changed! Nowadays, if you don’t have something that’s incredibly unique about you,  you’re sure to get lost in the crowd. And by unique or by a ‘flaw’ I mean, something that’s unconventionally attractive. Ideas of […]

Introducing Moments, Missoni’s New Online & Print Magazine

Once, Rosita Missoni, when asked by Vogue to describe the Missoni style, she replied, ‘It’s a lifestyle more than a fashion,’ and that is exactly what ‘Moments’ is all about.  ’Moments’, Missoni’s new online + print magazine,  will be divided into five sections – Stories, Visions, Making Magic, Now On + The Place To Be.  Contributions […]

Hermès Launches Slip Knot App Perfect for last minute wardrobe changes, especially with holiday parties right around the corner, Hermès has launched their Slip Knot app.                                       Available for both the iPhone + iPad, the app provides you with chic […]

For Those Who Love Instagram, The Instagram Socialmatic Camera Is Coming Soon, For Reals

(photo: ADR Studio) Thanks to Polaroid + the indie designers over at ADR Studio, whom perfected this clever design, come January 2014, the Socialmatic Camera will be available for Instagram fiends and the like.  The camera will feature all of the Instagram filters we’ve all come to love and later, look out for matching accessories. […]