Why We Love A Flaw and You Should Too

A while ago, if you had a flaw, people would often criticize you for being and looking different. Boy, have times changed! Nowadays, if you don’t have something that’s incredibly unique about you,  you’re sure to get lost in the crowd. And by unique or by a ‘flaw’ I mean, something that’s unconventionally attractive. Ideas of […]

A Fashion Film That Celebrates The Vast Diverse World Of Beauty

Made possible by Sephora, i-D presents fashion film ‘A-Z of Beauty Together’ which focuses on the differences of  various groups, that make up present day beauty. From freckles to voguing to gypsies, different identities, a lot of which might not be considered attractive by most, are applauded, front + center. ‘A-Z of Beauty Together’ not […]

Dot to Dot on Nowness.com Filmmaker Lisa Rovner connects the dots in her short ‘Constellations’. Loved by some but hated by others, Rovner’s film explores what it means to be a chick with freckles from the point of view of five young women who have them + boy, what a cast – Anna Tatton, a […]