Witness John Malkovich Transform Under Sandro Miller’s Gaze

  When you delve into ‘The Malkovich Sessions’ by Sandro Miller copyright ©2016, published by Glitterati Incorporated, you can’t help but have Oscar Wilde’s famous line, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness,” intrude your thoughts, however, this work elevates imitation to a whole other level unequaled by most. […]

SS/12 Collection ‘Giger’s Goddess’ For #ThrowbackThursday

For #ThrowbackThursday, with the recent death of the brilliant H. R. Giger, here’s Malgorzata Dudek‘s SS/12 collection ‘Giger’s Goddess’.  As an homage to the late genius, with his prior approval, Dudek transferred his cultural influence onto fabric.   Although a lot of Giger’s imagery can be perceived as dark + macabre, plenty of beauty still manages […]

Dot to Dot on Nowness.com Filmmaker Lisa Rovner connects the dots in her short ‘Constellations’. Loved by some but hated by others, Rovner’s film explores what it means to be a chick with freckles from the point of view of five young women who have them + boy, what a cast – Anna Tatton, a […]

Quentin Tarantino Gets The Penguin Treatment

Filmmaker Quentin Tarantino, has often been showered by accolades for his films as being pinnacles of pop-culture + later, American cinema ‘classics’.   So it didn’t come as a surprise to see graphic designer + illustrator Sharm Murughia‘s reinterpretation of Tarantino’s films/screenplays as Penguin Classics.   Not bad right, considering he’s in good company with […]