For Those Who Love Instagram, The Instagram Socialmatic Camera Is Coming Soon, For Reals


(photo: ADR Studio)

Thanks to Polaroid + the indie designers over at ADR Studio, whom perfected this clever design, come January 2014, the Socialmatic Camera will be available for Instagram fiends and the like.  The camera will feature all of the Instagram filters we’ve all come to love and later, look out for matching accessories. I especially love how they implemented the Instagram icon design as one of the camera options.  The camera comes in two colorways-Traditional Instagram or Black.  Don’t you love how thin the camera is?



(photos: ADR Studio)

You’ll be able to take a pic + adjust it with all of the Instagram filters provided.  After taking the pic, you have the option to save it or print it on Polaroid paper with the iconic white border – it just gets better + better, right?  So mark them calendars + add this baby to your wish or holiday list(s).


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