Introducing Moments, Missoni’s New Online & Print Magazine


Once, Rosita Missoni, when asked by Vogue to describe the Missoni style, she replied, ‘It’s a lifestyle more than a fashion,’ and that is exactly what ‘Moments’ is all about.  ’Moments’, Missoni’s new online + print magazine,  will be divided into five sections – Stories, Visions, Making Magic, Now On + The Place To Be.  Contributions from poets, writers, artists + designers from around the world, will be featured, creating an online diary about the world of Missoni.  The magazine’s hand-drawn elements, give it that true diary feel.  

Created in collaborations with other creatives from all fields, ‘Moments’,  is meant to ‘open the world of Missoni, characterized by curioisity, warmth + art in all its forms – creativity, movement, originality + the spirit of the present.’  It will be just as exciting to see how it evolves.

(via GRAZIA)

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