Hermès Launches Slip Knot App

Perfect for last minute wardrobe changes, especially with holiday parties right around the corner, Hermès has launched their Slip Knot app.



Available for both the iPhone + iPad, the app provides you with chic ways to have fun with your Hermès scarf or scarves, if you’re so lucky.  You will learn how to perfect six different knots with both step-by-step videos + pictures.  With each season, a new series of knots will be added, which could easily bring new life to your wardrobe.  

As if that weren’t enough, users are invited to take pics showing off their personal style + posting them on Instagram, where the most original shot might end up on updated versions of the application. But, above all else, did I mention this app is FREE?!  

The free download is available at the iTunes App Store.

(via WWD)

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