Selfies Come To Life in 3D


Selfies, never get old + they’re known for nurturing that ego maniac within us all, like Rihanna, cray cray addict no.1, thanks to Instagram.  But artist Lorna Barnshaw has taken the concept to a whole new level, a 3D one that is.  By utilizing 3-D scanning apps + printers, Lorna was able to create 3D replicas of her selfies, reminiscent of something you’d confuse for a piece of a Pompeii ruin.


Lorna told WIRED magazine,’I wanted to see how easy it was to replicate a small part of myself using only accessible tools + devices.  Generating + materializing a digital representation of myself as though anchoring my digital existence in the physical world.’  


Although 3D portraiture has been attempted before, it’s monochrome palette rendered it useless.  Color gives the pieces the necessary depth, unique to one’s face, delineating the nose from the lips, eyes et al.image

(photos: Lorna Barnshaw)

Barshaw mentioned how critical color is in capturing the true essence saying,  ’We see + experience the world in all its color, triggering the memories + emotions that make us human.‘  Yet, as much as the artist values the human touch involved with selfies, which according to her are often about that moment, environment + emotion, the tactile quality of the the sculpture is still incomparable.

But for as much as I like all that’s tangible, can you imagine the amount of cracked ‘faces’, littering city streets, over the short life-span of instant gratification, like that of Instagram?  

(via WIRED)

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