If you haven’t picked up your November issue of Dazed & Confused yet, you’re crazy! On newstands now, not only do you have NY style icon Iris Apfel werqing COMMES des GARCONS (CDG) on the cover, you also get to escape with the help of the outer world esthetic of this special arts issue.  Iris, still amazing at 90* years old, sets the tone with her own sense of fearless, unapologetic + unique style-this also makes her Dazed’s oldest cover model.

The film above features all of Apfel’s photos shot by Jeff Bank with styling by Robbie Bank.  Loving Iris’s colorful obnoxious headpieces by Duffy along with CDG’s 2D flat-pack confections. 

Someone should seriously consider creating an Iris Apfel doll – I’d buy one.

(via DAZED)

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