“Asphalt, Muscle & Bone” Wrestles With Powerful Themes and Emotions In London

Wrestle, Asphalt, Muscle & Bone, Bill Hayward, film still, cause and yvette

(film still: “Asphalt, Muscle & Bone”, *The Museum of Emotions-Performance Gallery #2, Bill Hayward) *Click here to see film excerpt Bill Hayward‘s award-winning film “Asphalt, Muscle & Bone” does more than wrestle with powerful visuals. It also wrestles with the complexity of emotions through different themes. An official selection in this year’s North Europe International Film Festival: […]

Isn’t ‘Colour Therapy’, an exhibition film by Joost Vanderbrug & Alex Noble, the best?   Although a tease to Noble’s multi-disciplinary exhibition called ‘Creatures from the Kaliedoscope’, marrying art with fashion, in this mixed media landscape, the art comes alive, full of color, texture + motion.  Just imagine how much greater the experience will be, […]

Take pause + immerse yourself in this beautifully lush film by James Franco for Gucci.  Entitled ‘La Passione’, the 15-minute fashion art film is loosely based on Thomas Dreyer’s 1920’s silent flick, ‘The Passion of Joan of Arc’.  Natalia Bonafacci plays a topless Joan while the ATL Twins (yes, the ones with them grillz from […]