Photos That Show What Sex ‘Really Looks & Feels Like’


For photographer Sarah Anne Johnson, taking great photos is just not enough. You see, the artist loves to draw, burn + scratch all over her pics, giving them that little bit extra.  For her ‘Wonderlust’ series, the intimacy of couples having sex is heightened, if not celebrated, by utilizing these tactics.

It first started with the random selection of willing participants or couples.  Luckily, a lot of the couples didn’t need much direction, making the photo’s composition that much easier to attain.  Since photos tend to be two-dimensional, by Johnson’s own admission, altering the surface just made the feelings more visible.


Johnson felt this was a true way of showing what intimacy feels like both physically + psychologically.  ’Intimacy is the perfect subject for that exploration because it looks different than it feels + it feels different then it looks, (how it really looks – not how porn makes it look),’ the artist told whitewall magazine.  


‘Wonderlust’ will be on display at the Julie Saul Gallery until Dec. 21st.

(via whitewall)

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