Delpozo’s Fall Sculptural Paper Dolls

While glancing at Delpozo’s Fall collection, I couldn’t help but think of the models looking like sculptural paper dolls. Paper dolls, known to be quite fragile + two-dimensional, Delpozo’s dolls were devoid of any hair more times than not, often covered with a hood, making them look like their paper alter ego. Now add sculptural […]

The ‘Girl Awakened’ Editorial Is The Perfect Balance Of Opposites

Check out this gorgeous editorial for Kaltblut magazine entitled ‘Girl Awakened’ by Marisa Pike.  Featuring the beautiful makeup artist Mynxii White as the model, with her sexy lavender haired pin-up look in a powder blue boudoir setting, wearing TikiGlam + Christian Louboutin, you get the perfect balance of old + new.  The juxtaposition of soft + hard […]

MORNING WOOD: Wooden Spiral Staircase Model

I’ve always loved wooden staircase models.  Not only do they make great sculptures but they’re also amazing springboards for your imagination,  picturing yourself going up those steps or seeing them in the home of your dreams.  Bill Blass, the late iconic fashion designer, owned several, as seen below, in this picture of his home, assembled […]

‘Conjoined Illusion’ Shoe Collection

There’s no denying that most women adore shoes.  Sure, some might collect them just for the label, but then there are those like me, who can look at a shoe as a piece of wearable sculpture.  Yet who am I kidding, some labels are to be coveted.  Inspired by mirroring, reflection + conjoined twins, the ‘Conjoined […]

WANTED: Leather + Birchwood Heels By Baiba Ladiga

If you’re like me + view shoes as sculpture, this pair by Baiba Ladiga over exceeds that expectation.  These ‘Leather + Birchwood Heels’ have no bad angles.  If you’re looking at these heels by Ladiga from the side, the front or from the back, you really need to stop + gasp slightly, when bearing witness […]

Joan Of Arc Inspires High Drama For Fall

Joan of Arc is said to have been the inspiration behind this Fall collection by Afroditi Hera.  Joan was a woman who resorted to high drama to accentuate her defiance against every limitation placed on a woman in the Middle Ages, leading to her becoming an unlikely military cross dressing leader + finally, a living myth. […]

WANTED: ‘The Obsession Dress’ By Velvet Johnstone

                 Designer Velvet Johnstone’s ‘Obsession Dress’ makes for a killer holiday party look! With silk lined soft, sculpted pink mohair + a deep open back, this dress makes looking sexy easy.  Notice how the waist is accentuated so beautifully.  Talk about timeless chic! Available for purchase at cityblis.