WANTED: Leather + Birchwood Heels By Baiba Ladiga


If you’re like me + view shoes as sculpture, this pair by Baiba Ladiga over exceeds that expectation.  These ‘Leather + Birchwood Heels’ have no bad angles.  If you’re looking at these heels by Ladiga from the side, the front or from the back, you really need to stop + gasp slightly, when bearing witness to wearable sculpture for motion.


Not only does designer Ignacia appreciate + understand the necessity between form + function when it comes to shoes, she respects + addresses both by assuring the wearer with a stylish yet comfortable fit.  Besides, who couldn’t handle themselves in a handmade shoe, whose architectural design was inspired by an interior wooden chair.

These Baiba Laidga original heels are now available for purchase at Not Just  A Label.  

(via NJAL)

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