Victoria+Jean: Divine Love on

Get inspired to romance the tragedy of love with Anita Fontaine’s film for Victoria + Jean’s latest release ‘Divine Love’.  Drawing inspiration from science fiction films from the 70s + dating shows from the 80s, with both having these kind of fake sets that look like they are falling apart, as described by Fontaine to NOWNESS, the film follows the romantic conquests of a budgie called Smokey + its owner Lulu.  And this film could not be anymore perfect to visualize the intensity of emotion coming through the vocals of avant-pop duo Victoria+Jean.

Victoria + Jean tell NOWNESS, ‘Everyone deals with love’s intensity in their own way—seeing Smokey vulnerable in her defeat reflects how slavish we are to our emotions.’  

Described by Fontaine as ‘a soap opera from another dimension’, this film with it’s colors, patterns, lighting, sets + costumes would definitely convince me to get my heart broken more often, just to have it look + play out exactly like this.



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