Going Skin Deep With Norma Kamali Eyewear


Nude polish is the best thing ever, but to find a shade that closely matches your skin tone, is very rare.  Not that that is the case always, but it’s always my goal.  My caramel skin tone proved to be a challenge in finding that perfect nude tone but when I did,  I then affectionately called it ‘foundation for my nails’.  Well, it seems that designer Norma Kamali had the same idea when designing her famous square cat eye eyewear in skin tones, as part of her Summer 2014 collection.  Now whether or not this is true, I’d like to think so.  But don’t get it twisted, you don’t have to match your Kamali’s to your skin tone either.  The tan pair would look sick with an all tan look especially when you’ve been kissed by the sun.

Available in tan, brown + chocolate, you have the option of sunglasses or eyeglasses (not shown).  My favorite sunglasses are the green lens versions, giving it that real retro feel.

If you’d like a pair from Norma Kamali’s eyewear collection, for purchase, click here.

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