‘Lyla’ Loves Your Neck With Leather Florals

Leather, with its guaranteed sexy of skin on skin, not to mention its intoxicating smell, is all that + more with piece‘s ‘Lyla‘. Hand painted hand-made strips of 100% leather + custom-cut sequin sheets, become intricate shapes that resemble flowers + leaves to adorn your neck. A 1 ½’’ wide adjustable extension at the back neck closure, […]

‘Iris’ Knows How To Make Your Look Spectacular

Now piece‘s ‘Iris‘ is a dream made up of iridescent mint florals in a smaller silhouette than their other neck accessories previously posted here. Depth + detail are accomplished by the many hand-beaded layers of custom textured sequins added to the petals of its silk chiffon flowers. Featuring a 1 ½’’ wide adjustable extension at […]

Quirky Shoe Series That Explain How ‘Everything Has A Sole’

With the ever changing style of women’s shoes, one has seen everything from heels that look like armadillos, futuristic sculptural structures that defy gravity to 3D-printed creations, but no one has quite captured them like this. ‘Everything has a sole’, a series of quirky shoes for Bianco collection, created by Copenhagen-based artists Stephan Friedli + Ulrik Martin Larsen […]

Color Manipulation Amplifies Flowers In Print

The late photographer Robert Mapplethorpe once said, ‘I’m looking for the unexpected. I’m looking for things I’ve never seen before.’ This is the exact notion anyone will have when opening ‘Enlightened Blooms: Solarized Floral Diptych Photographs By Brad Oliphant, published by Glitterati Incorporated. This is the photographer’s first published book of photography. Oliphant, an accomplished former fashion photographer, decided […]

The ‘Shiva Vase’ Has A Golden Moment Not To Be Missed

How gorgeous is this ceramic ‘Shiva Vase’, shaped like hmmm, I don’t know, an erect penis?  If you didn’t guess that then you really need to get out more.  The 23-centimetre-tall pink-glazed ceramic vase (below) was originally designed in 1973 by the iconic Ettore Sottsass for the BD Barcelona company, with an opening in the top for […]

The D40 Vase Will Have You Staring At Your Arrangement For Hours

Created exclusively for 20ltd.com by designer Paola Petrobelli, the D40 vase in clear + grey glass is a perfect marriage of old + new.   Applying the traditional technique of hand-blown glass in Venice to a modern shape, makes Petrobelli’s vase anything but boring.  With a shape displaying such a beautiful presentation, even a two dollar carnation will […]