‘Lyla’ Loves Your Neck With Leather Florals


Leather, with its guaranteed sexy of skin on skin, not to mention its intoxicating smell, is all that + more with piece‘s ‘Lyla‘. Hand painted hand-made strips of 100% leather + custom-cut sequin sheets, become intricate shapes that resemble flowers + leaves to adorn your neck. A 1 ½’’ wide adjustable extension at the back neck closure, with 4 extra rows of hook + eye facets to fit each neck size of moldable felt + base fabric lining, set the stage for this dark beauty. Just look at the elaborate flowers carried all the way to the back of this neck accessory!


Sequin sheets are cut, + arranged in a front-to-back sequence, creating a mix of shine + matte textures on each delicately sewn flower, with heightened detail + sparkle created by crystal studs + painted beads. Of course,  placing ‘Lyla’ over some evening confection of sorts is too predictable but if you paired it with a more lax look, below is the kind of magic that could be achieved.


Piece’s ‘Lyla’ over Y Project’s BURGUNDY BALLOON SLEEVE SWEATSHIRT|AVENUE 32 with gathered balloon sleeves + burgundy bow ties with a golden almost orange underside through large grommets, worn with Veja’s dark straight fit denim CURVED CUFF PANTS|Opening Ceremony featuring a buttoned back waistband panel + buttoned ankle cuffs really make a statement. To marry both the colors of the balloon sleeves’ underside bow ties + the burgundy of the top, Kim Kwang’s METALLIC FINISH LEATHER SANDALS COPPER|WOLF + BADGER are the perfect shoe. Edie Parker‘s JEAN SOLID in pearlescent orange further highlights the harmonious color palette of this look while NASTY GAL‘s faux fur patchwork in wine, cream, black + gold of its RYE CAPE COAT, encapsulates the look into one to gag over. Of course, with hands being a point of interest with so much happening at the wrist, you’ll need to make your hands that much more captivating with talons colored Chanel‘s LE VERNIS in ÉMERAUDE, a metallic forest green while wearing this gorge BURNISHED GOLD-PLATED EBONY RING by Valentino|NET-A-PORTER on your favorite finger.

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