This Monday’s Top Looks In the Animal Print of Leopard

To imagine not having animal print as part of your Fall style just won’t do! Especially when it comes to leopard. Now, most people might agree that animal print is asking a lot of them. To wear this type of print will make you stand out in a crowd. And that in and of itself […]

Nudists Retreat To Designer Looks By Laura Pannack

Photographer Laura Pannack sought subjects at nudist retreats + shot their day-to-day, while illustrator Micah Lidberg brought them to life in several designer looks.  Present were looks by Marc Jacobs, Jake & Dinos Chapman’s collaboration with Louis Vuitton + Comme des Garçons.   One group play boules in restrictive get-up from J.W. Anderson below while another eat […]

Introducing ‘Cityblis Media Center’ – A Unique Online Fashion Pressroom

Just imagine, having a front row seat to New York Fashion Week – but instead of seeing it twice a year, you get to see new designers, new collections and new content daily.  This idea might have been considered impossible to achieve, up until last week, when launched it’s ‘Cityblis Media Center’ (CMC). a unique online […]