Maïmouna’s Photographer’s Gaze Of The Gods Within

In her 1964 diary, the great feminist photographer Susan Sontag, described art as ‘a form of psychological nourishment, holding a promise to inner wholeness.’ It is this same promise to inner wholeness that is beautifully achieved through the photos inside, Inner Constellations: Photographs by Maïmouna Guerresi, © 2015, published by Glitterati Incorporated. Marrying diverse cultural + religious […]

Chromat’s Spring 2016 Swim Collection Is Pure Fire

Over the weekend, designer Becca McCharen showed Chromat’s latest swim collection at Miami Swim Week + as usual, each piece sizzled. Full of signature graphic elements, this Spring 2016 swim collection is sure to be a hit with longtime admirers of the brand, if not, gain new ones.Power women ‘taking over the world,’ was the inspiration […]

Jewelry Inspired By Fetish, Sex + Nature

When you look at jewelry from Chris Habana’s Tectonic collection, you can’t ignore the contradiction of organic sensiblities with modern shapes.  Reminiscent of shockwaves + tremors, with liking the idea of translating destructive acts of nature into forward, elegant jewelry, the collection also grew as an extension from Habana’s ‘Cage Series’ which involved taking existing forms + re-imagined as frame-like structures. Being a […]

How Jewelry Designer Annelise Michelson Helps Vegans Eat Meat Without Guilt

Of course, jewelry designer Annelise Michelson would do this with her ‘Gold Carnivore Choker’.  Featuring a graphic zigzag cutout at the center that goes all the way around, not only does that turn it into a statement piece, but it does so with a bite of humor (couldn’t resist!). It’s obvious this piece would look great […]

A Fall Collection Inspired By Internet Motifs

As if hashtags never existed in so many patterns before, for its Fall collection, House of Cards exploited that symbol + more by exploring + finding inspiration in internet motifs.  Of the many patterns present, including some patterns made up of graphic black lines on white backgrounds, which look to be pinched, the subtlety of […]