Jewelry Inspired By Fetish, Sex + Nature


When you look at jewelry from Chris Habana’s Tectonic collection, you can’t ignore the contradiction of organic sensiblities with modern shapes.  Reminiscent of shockwaves + tremors, with liking the idea of translating destructive acts of nature into forward, elegant jewelry, the collection also grew as an extension from Habana’s ‘Cage Series’ which involved taking existing forms + re-imagined as frame-like structures.

Being a punk-inspired designer, he referenced the Joy Division ‘Unknown Pleasures’ album art (below), as it was the perfect springboard for the collection.


Habana told Wowcracy’, ’ I combined the linear concept of the art, with the idea of fetish, sex + nature. Robert Mapplethorpe, Chess pieces, + the organic lines of limestone caves were perfect to achieve this, ’ which is pretty evident in all the pieces seen here.


All the supporting pieces, while looking linear + graphic, still have an organic form to them, according to Habana.  Like the ‘Fractal Nose Cuff’, which is perfect for looking cool without any of the pain, with its padded ends + his ‘Signature Spike Earring’, so elegant in its simplicity.  On the other spectrum, you have the lightweight ‘Cage Quartz Statement Necklace’ (pic 1) which takes the framework of basic quartz, his ‘Cage Spike Necklace’ (above) or his ‘Cage Finger Brace’ (above) which is a ring of 100% brass + plated in either 18K gold + hematite, that is based off a framework of a brace, with a hinge at the middle so that the wearer can bend their finger.

To purchase any of these original Chris Habana pieces, go to Wowcracy.


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