3 Designer Shoes Perfect For Fall Season

Fall Shoes 2018 favorites, Part One

(photo: Guy Bourdain) There’s no denying I love designer shoes, especially when it comes to this Fall season. And WHY do you ask? Simply, variety, variety, variety, and boy, is there plenty for everyone! Beyond a shadow of a doubt, there will always be predictable contenders to be coveted by all. It’s Fall after all, […]

WANTED: ‘Feel Flawless’ Pill Clutch Bag By Yazbukey

This ‘Feel Flawless’ Pill Clutch Bag by Yazbukey is a ‘Must Cop’! Made of pink plexiglass, this clutch speaks to this generation’s mantra of feeling good by simply popping a pill. And to all you pill poppers out there, you know who you are! I mean, look at how cool you’ll look entering a room with […]

Killer Makeup Collabo With Yazbukey + Shu Uemura

I simply love both French jewelry designer Yaz Bukey + Japanese makeup brand Shu Uemura + in finding out the two are collaborating on a special capsule collection, I gasped.  Not only do I love Bukey’s designs, drowning in pop culture goodness but Shu Uemura’s products are just amazing. The 34 collection, set to drop […]

Caterina Zangrando Jewelry You Need Right Now

Jewelry designer Caterina Zangrando creates pieces that resemble sculptural works of art that mix metals + materials into graphic wearable statements.  Made in Italy, Caterina’s collections pay homage to the audacious + independent women who left an indelible stamp on her history + from the look of these pieces, these women must’ve been more than just […]