3 Designer Shoes Perfect For Fall Season

Fall Shoes 2018 favorites, Part One

(photo: Guy Bourdain)

There’s no denying I love designer shoes, especially when it comes to this Fall season. And WHY do you ask? Simply, variety, variety, variety and boy, is there plenty for everyone!

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, there will always be predictable contenders to be coveted by all. It’s Fall after all, so there’s no denying the presence of boots. Sure, open toes are reserved for the ‘my feet look too pretty to cover up’ category, but with consistent care and caresses during months full of scaly and itchy skin, those beautiful feet could still use some warmth when covered up in such decadence like these shoes here.

Now, as much as I love to challenge the cold with open toe shoes, for this post, I’m going to focus on styles that keep the chills away like these white beauties by Prabal Gurung.

Prabal Gurung Look, designer Fall shoes, Getty Images


At a glance, you might think they’re just anothet pointy toe ankle boot, but it’s all about the form and detailing. Let’s pick it apart, shall we?

Upon close observation, the pointed toe gives it that YES, I’M HERE effect worthy of stiletto high heel shoes, but as your eyes trace the top of the foot right before you make your way up to the ankle, you notice that deep stop, into a boxy shape. The boxy shape then takes on the look of spats minus the buttons, completing the boot effect. And just when you think the ride is over, there’s that heel. Boy that heel, that gives me all the right feels. It’s a sculptured heel, but it’s SCULPTURE! The heel commands attention as it rests on top of a sphere. Then that sphere connects to a thin yet sturdy cylindrical shape, cut on a bias, held together by a golden rod. Bravo, I say, Bravo!

Look One – Designer Prabal Gurung Boot, Fall 2018

What’s best of all about this designer boot for Fall is that it can easily be dressed up or down. So I thought, “What would be a good look to go with this boot?” Of course pants would show off these boots a lot faster, but I always love the element of surprise, which is why I opted for a dress, specifically this one.

Prabal Gurung Look, designer Fall shoes, Getty Images

The dress though, for this coveted ankle boot, had to be special, which made me select this number by Monse (Farfetch). Taking a page out of the The Saville Row Fall trend, this Off Shoulder dress with it’s houndstooth pattern is sure to catch someone’s eye. What makes it even more of a hit for me, is its ruched three-quarter sleeves, folded-over strapless detail, and it’s bias-cut skirt, with varied length skirt panels. One cross of the legs, would accentuate the dramatic flair of the skirt, as a way to announce ‘HERE’S MY BOOT, WHERE’S YOURS?’.

But What More Can I Add To My Look?

But I wanted to keep highlighting the boot’s details, particularly the sphere that made up the other part of the heel. Enter Proenza Schouler’s Grateful Dead Turtleneck (FARFETCH), in white, covered entirely in large black circles bearing a red bolt right down the middle. I felt a chill thinking about my shoulders exposed and loved the idea of that pattern peeking from under the dress’s houndstooth ruched sleeve. Throw on a white, red and black Plaid coat with silver detailing and jeweled buttons (ZARA) and I’m out the door!

So seeing as my dress pick has no pockets, where was I going to put my phone and things? I wasn’t about to be tacky and carry my phone and other in my hands, so what’s a chick to do? Prada and Zara of course!

Accessories Drum Roll

By pairing Prada’s Mini Cahier Leather Shoulder Bag (LUISAVIAROMAin red and black with gold metal detailing and gold chain along with Zara’s red Embossed Crossbody Bag with gold metal details (ZARA), would just make the red bolt on the turtleneck pop. But what’s even cooler about this Prada bag are its cowboy influences shown by the metal accent panels on its front. And I know what you’re thinking-‘HOW COULD I MIX METALS LIKE THAT?’-all because the dress belt has silver metal detailing? What can I say, I like stirring things up a bit.

Still in the clutches of golden fever, I submit once more and opt for mismatched earrings in gold – an oversized matte gold heart with a dangling pearl (ZARA) and a Chloé Reese Drop earring with its double hoop design (MYTHERESA), just to give the ears, some graphic appeal to match the top. Ports 1961 Look, designer Fall shoes, Getty Images


Like a moth to a flame, Ports 1961 silver shoes became my ‘precious’, for a brief moment, as I live for anything shiny. A high heel pump covered entirely in silver tinsel and silver beading just screamed one word to me – PLAID! Call it intuition, call it madness or maybe I’m just gifted or twisted – take your pick.

Look 2 – Designer Ports 1961 Pump, Fall 2018

Ports 1961 Look, designer Fall shoes, Getty Images

If you didn’t know this already, I’m a huge pattern whore and pattern play is the best way for pieces inside looks to flirt with one another. I especially love it when it’s done using different plaids, in different colors, as seen above – another trend for the Fall season. Besides, what else would go better with shiny silver than plaid, right?

With orange, royal blue, grey and white Turned-Up Hem Plaid Pants (ZARA) and it’s matching Pleated Plaid Top featuring an asymmetrical pleat (ZARApaired with a TALL Tartan Check Puffer Jacket in a teal, yellow, black and white plaid pattern (TOPSHOP), who can beat that?

What accessories would complement silver tinsel and plaid?

Iridecense and more silver of course! For earrings, all you need is one of the Neogem Diffraction Drops earrings designed by Nikki Couppee (VALERY DEMURE).  Lightweight faceted holographic plexiglass and brass make this earring extra special. Complete the look with this Binder Clip shoulder bag by Off-White (MYTHERESA), that cinches the high and low brands together seamlessly.


Tibi , designer Fall shoes, Getty Images


Tibi’s designer boot, in salmon red, a color not often seen in a boot looks like it feels soft as buttah! But it’s the shape of it that really caught my attention. There’s the pointy toe with a sloping dip on the top of the foot and if you took the long leg off the boot, you’d be left with a mule. Then you have it’s heel that looks like an even wider cylinder, underneath the heel of the foot.

Look 3 – Designer Tibi Boot, Fall 2018

Tibi Look, designer Fall shoes, Getty Images

For this Fall designer shoe, I chose to pair it with a Mary Katrantzou SMensy Blazer by Boutique (TOPSHOP), another Fall trend, and the mix of masculine and feminine will just add that something extra to the mix. Yet, besides it’s masculine silhouette, I love how one pocket flap is slightly higher than the other, mimicking the different heights of the rectangles printed on the dress.

And accessories?

To round out this look, I recommend wearing Alessandra Rich’s Crystal Draped Circle Clip-On earrings (LUISAVIAROMA), with its rows of layered crystal rows. Not only would these earrings add a little more sparkle and high drama to your look with their large size, they would also punctuate the geometric depth of the dress. And finally, I would opt for The Volon’s Cindy Leather & Velvet Clutch in Velvet Pink (NORDSTROM), to carry my phone, lipstick, keys etc. Inspired by Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage, with its rounded silhouette, this beautiful little number has pink velvet and metallic pink leather panels, gathered together by a drawstring gold chain, that can be worn long or short. If that’s not dramatic enough, it has a dark olive feathered tassel at it’s base held together by a wide gold band. Finally, your effortlessly chic look is complete!

I hope you find inspiration from these three looks I’ve pulled together for you and just remember, DON’T LET THE CLOTHES WEAR YOU!

Let me know in the comments if you like or hate the looks – I’d love to know.

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