Fendi Brings The Ski Looks To The Street For Fall



When it comes to Fendi, all one can think is , “Cha-ching”! Considered a luxury brand for a reason, for Fall menswear, designer Silvia Venturini Fendi decided to make a lot of the pieces reversible, giving you more bang for your buck. But in the same vein of something so simple, so were the clothes, to a point. For this season, Fendi took men to the slopes by mixing lots of ski wear elements with tailored looks, while having lots of fun with color, texture + silhouette.

There were pops of color with bright orange pants + shirts, yellow leather totes + a ski jacket made interesting with color blocking details. Ski shirts, with the zip up collar, complete with zip-up tabs, a current trend, that will trickle its way into next season then Fall, peeking underneath a suit jacket if not cool outerwear, with plenty to choose from, like an army green shearling jacket.

There was a wool coat with bomber style sleeves in cheetah print fur + a striped fur collar with huge lapels that made me think of the stripes found on the collar of traditional bomber jackets made of simple cotton. And who could miss the luxe quilted espresso brown double-breasted leather coat? Gorgeous! But fur was also seen as striped accents on mittens as well as neckwarmers.

Ski wear also made an appearance in the form of pants made paired with a snap collar shirt in ski suit material, underneath a cheetah print fur moto jacket, complete with black + gray loafers, striped socks, a pastel striped fuzzy beanie + a camera bag. Other bags in the collection included striped fur totes, duffle bags + backpacks.

Words, another on-trend accent, was seen on sweaters, beanies + headbands including ‘Fendi, Fantastic + Think’. But for as much one might mistake these guys as if they’re heading to the slopes, they could easily play up these looks as much as in the office or play thereafter. A real standout was a pantsuit with contrasting stitching on the jacket, giving its tailoring a playful feel to it.

As Sylvia put it to Vogue, she had looked back to ’80s + ’90s sportswear, Buffalo (Felix Howard winked forth from the mood board), + her starting point, some inspirational lines from Ernest Hemingway about the positive strategies to try before letting the negative take hold. Mrs. Fendi said: “I want to be optimistic, need to be. These were simple words, universal words like love, listen, try. I was reading this + thinking it is so easy if you follow these universal rules,” + that she did with a collection full of universal appeal.




(photos: Yannis Vlamos/Indigital.tv)


FKA twigs And Nike Collaborate For New Ad Campaign


If there is anyone out there that could perfectly demonstrate the technical form + functional ease of athleisure, it’s FKA twigs, and today, NIKE revealed the new campaign for their Women Zonal Strength Tights, a collaboration with the multi-talented artist.


Apart from developing the creative concept, casting, + directing, Twigs also stars in the ads. But she’s not alone. Finishing the cast roster are twelve athletes, picked by twigs, including karate champion Jay Kirton, track + field runner English Gardner, yummy Olympic fencer Miles Chamley-Watson + dancer Saskia Horton.


Now one might look at twigs + assume it’s her body alone that makes her perfect for such a task but that’s just the surface. FKA twigs has such a relationship with her body, you would think she can feel every muscle + hear every drop of blood flowing within, demonstrated through the beautiful flow of movement she displays by a simple nod of her head + the delicate contempt of her hands, while having amazing control of the staccato moves involved in the technical aspect of her choreography. Have you seen this chick Vogue? Poetry in motion every time! Sigh…



(photos: NIKE)

FKA twigs told Vogue.com over email, “When Nike reached out to me about collaborating on this project, I saw it as an opportunity to inspire people who want to use their bodies in a positive way. We cast a group of amazing people who take their physicality seriously + have their own sense of style, to push people to be healthy + understand, through any genre of sport, they can be the best versions of themselves,” + what person doesn’t want that? But besides being blessed by twigs’ seal of approval, what makes these tights special is compression, specifically designed for muscle vibration reduction on the core, glutes, quads + hamstrings. Just look for yourself in the video below, shot by David Uzochukwu in Mexico City. Now, don’t you feel like soaring + flexing just like that, inside your small apartment?

The tights drop Thursday so set your alarms!

(via VOGUE)

2017 Golden Globe Fashions That Missed The Mark

While the excitement of “Who’s going to win what Golden Globe?” swims inside your head, there’s also the question of “What looks are going to persuade you to love your fave celeb even more?”, forcing you to digest different networks featuring celebrity red-carpet fashions before the awards show is underway. There are always going to be those that will leave you breathless, while others leave you flat, like the ones below.


(photos: Steve Granitz/WireImage, Frazer Harrison/Getty)

As much as I loved Riley Keogh in STARZ’s ‘The Girlfriend Experiment’, this Chanel number was a hard sell for me as it did nothing for her figure. Monica Bellucci wore a dress that looked like a black sac while Felicity Jones’s Gucci look felt too costumey with it’s sweet trompe l’oeil jet beaded collar + dangling lace sleeve detail.


(photos: Jim Smeal/BEI/Shutterstock, Frazer Harrison/Getty, ©Tammie Arroyo-GG17/AFF-USA.com)

Anna Chlumsky drowned in her green toga while Carrie Underwood’s pink number was trite + too mature for her. Gina Rodriguez did shine bright in her dangling beaded dress but the fit was a huge miss, making her look square.


(photos: Tyler Boye/WWD/REX/Shutterstock, Neilson Barnard/NBCUniversal/Getty, BEI/Shutterstock)

Julia Louis-Dreyfuss has had her great moments on the red carpet, but this black + white one-shoulder dress was too safe, even for her. Zoe Saldana was radiant as usual but not in so many ruffles by Gucci. Whereas, Janelle Monae disappointed in this black + white Armani dress in a style that looked dated.

Top Men’s Looks At 2017 Golden Globes

Several guys served some serious red-carpet swag at this year’s Golden Globes, especially Daniel Glover in his sienna brown velvet Gucci suit. Eddie Redmayne made my heart swell wearing a very tailored black double-breasted tux, while Sterling K. Brown’s blueish black tuxedo deserved top honors.


(photos: Steve Granitz/WireImage, Frazer Harrison/Getty)

Other men’s fashions that stole the limelight were Milo Ventimiglia, in blue + black Ralph Lauren Purple Label tux. Questlove was perfect in his original take on tuxedo dressing thanks to Reem Acra’s black tuxedo with a navy shirt, steel gray eyeglasses, finished off by black + white kicks. And Ryan Gosling continued his old meets Hollywood appeal like his film ‘La La Land’, in a Gucci white tuxedo jacket highlighted by a red boutonniere + black pants.


(photos: Neilson Barnard/Getty, Steve Granitz/WireImage, Venturelli/WireImage)

Yellow Shined Bright At 2017 Golden Globes

Surprisingly, rather than turn to Greenery, Pantone’s 2017 color, yellow, another on-trend color for Spring, made its mark at the Golden Globes yesterday. Variations of the color made these’ actresses pop!


(photos: Neilson Barnard/NBCUniversal)

Leading the pack was a preggers Natalie Portman in Prada, Tiffany jewelry + Jimmy Choo shoes, channeling Jackie as in her latest film of the same name, with poise + elegance.


(photos: Venturelli/WireImage, Frazer Harrison/Getty, Venturelli/WireImage)

Kerry Washington nailed it in a Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda yellow lace dress with embellished sleeves + side black sash. Viola Davis, in a Michael Kors Collection one-shoulder dress, covered in bright yellow sequins with Harry Winston jewelry +a Judith Leiber bag looked perfect, especially as the presenter of the Cecil B. DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award to Meryl Streep who made a powerful acceptance speech. ‘Game Of Thrones’s’ Maisie Williams looked exquisite in her simple form fitting dress with train + simple black minaudière with a crystal encrusted handle.

Steven Klein’s ‘Commit To Something’ Equinox Ads Explore More Than A Hot Body


Picking up where they left off last year, Equinox’s 2017 release of their “Commit to Something” campaign series shot by fashion photographer is meant to push you into the gym while promoting a cause for pause.


Now you might be wondering what does imagery including a woman playing the harp with bloodied fingers or a man covered in bees have to do with working out? Well, it has to do with the idea of ‘committing to something’, the basic premise of hitting the gym to be your best. Without dedication, you will not gain the results you want including doing as many reps while lifting those kettlebells or running on the treadmill as if your life depended on it, at a very steep incline to target those glutes. But the themes Klein chose to portray say a lot about his understanding of social commentary like the legalization of marijuana with model Jessica Stam inside a cannabis grow center + the rise in narcissism brought on by social media.


Elizabeth Nolan, Equinox Executive Creative Director told WWD, “It’s certainly no secret that Steven [Klein] is a fearless creative with a strong point of view on social issues, so it was a no-brainer to continue telling the commitment narrative through his powerful lens,” adding “This year’s imagery goes even deeper to showcase his greatest strengths as a storyteller, collaborator + cultural steward.”


Said to be displayed in Equinox locations worldwide, Klein told WWD, “It is examining the physical body through a vehicle of current social norms.” But his image of Samantha Paige, which proudly displays her double mastectomy scars, is Klein’s favorite out of all in the series. “It is brave + daring on both Equinox’s + Samantha’s part, to show a woman that decided that the physicality of having breasts, was not important to feel good about yourself. Today people are over-consumed with their exterior physicality.” But it’s this irony that makes you ponder how a gym ad campaign series such as this can transcend + highlight aspects of your life that affect it other than just how toned or muscular you are.

Now, don’t you want to sign up to Equinox?

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Wear Gold For NYE To Turn Mercury In Retrograde Around


With NYE around the corner, what better way to party into 2017 than wearing gold?! Sure, metallics have always been an obvious ‘go-to’ for welcoming the new year but then there’s that Mercury in retrograde bad luck biz we all need to consider too. Since Mercury rules communication, clear thinking, truth + travel, when the planet goes retrograde or backward, all those things follow in the same direction.

Gold, often associated with the sun, a symbol of happiness, success, attainment, prosperity + true friends, are all worthy opponents to deflect this supposed unforeseen bad luck. But don’t feel pressured to be shining like an Oscar statue either, as you can do it in doses.

For dramatic effect, why not wear stunning gold makeup by PAT MCGRATH LABS?

Alexis Jae in Metalmorphosis 005 by PAT MCGRATH LABS

Pat McGrath’s Metalmorphosis 005 Kit, also available at Sephora, is a four-piece set complete with a silky cream pigment, a metallic pigment, a mixing liquid to liquefy pigment, a black dual-ended eyeliner + gold sequins, of course, perfect for making your eyes more inviting to stare into when the ball drops!


Or, you can wear this button down shirt from Zara, to look like you’re wearing a sheet of melted gold



if not, this short H&M dress, covered in twinkling gold sequins.


For low-key alternatives, try carrying your party essentials in Topshop‘s OZ Small Plush Crossbody Bag with all-over gold tassel detail + a long gold chain strap


or maybe use these gold hairpins by H&M


to replicate one of these cool hairstyles below.


Regardless of whether or not you choose to wear gold, I’m sure you’ll still slay as always! Then again, who can resist more sparkle?!

Fashion Loses Legend China Machado


(photo: Harper’s Bazaar Spain, INGEBORG MAKE UP NYC | LA)

Yesterday, the world lost legendary China Machado due to cardiac arrest. She was 87 + still working all the way up to the end as seen here modeling her own designs.


(photo: WWD| China Machado modeling her own designs)

Born Noel De Souza Machado in 1929 Shanghai, China’s life reads like a work of fiction.

Her privileged childhood years as the daughter of a prominent banker came to a halt thanks to the Japanese occupation of 1941. This forced her family to seek refuge in Buenos Aires where her transformation began. Here, is where Machado picked up nickname China, pronounced Cheena, for her almond shaped eyes, which she kept going forward.


(photo: Richard Avedon)

She then met world famous bullfighter Luis Dominguín while working as a stewardess for Panagra Airlines. They ran off together when China was 20, exposing her to a lot including love + pain. “It was a very fast-living life,” she told WWD in September. “You’re traveling all over the world. He knew everybody.” Eventually, China lost him to none other than Ava Gardner. “I cried for two years over a man,” she said. “Never again.”


(photo: Richard Avedon)

After Dominguín, moving to Paris set her path towards fashion. Her roomie was a friend working as a runway model + China heard Balenciaga was hiring. Unfortunately, he was away when she arrived but sent to Givenchy who snatched her up right quick. China, of course, was surprised saying, “I never thought I was good looking because I didn’t look like anybody else, ” but that was the beauty of China’s look.

Eventually, New York came calling when Oleg Cassini spotted her in a 1958 Pierre Cardin show + asked her to walk in one of his shows. If that’s not interesting enough, the day she arrived she met Diana Vreeland, then the editor of Harper’s Bazaar. “The next day, almost, I was in Dick Avedon’s studio,” she said. “He made my career. Avedon broke all the race barriers. We were friends for 50 years.” In fact, Avedon told her years later how controversial her famous cover photo was, needing to give Harper’s Bazaar magazine’s executives an ultimatum: run the photo or he’d break his contract with the magazine. This made China the first non-Caucasian model to appear on the cover of a major fashion magazine + the stardom of her iconic supermodel status.


(photo: Daniele + Iango, i-d)

China later became Harper’s senior fashion editor then fashion director, while at the magazine for 11 years. She then started modeling again in 2013, working with the likes of Bruce Weber, Nick Moore, Brigitte Lacombe + Steven Meisel, a sign of fashion’s fear of aging fading into a thing of the past. Her last photo shoot, only last month, was with Steven Klein for a Ray-Ban campaign, another example of how China was not quite done making her mark.

Here’s a clip of China Machado in HBO’s documentary ‘Saving Face’, where she describes her modeling career. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s a must see for anyone in love with fashion + the supermodels that made it that much more interesting.

China overcame many obstacles + reinvented herself time + time again, with razor sharp cheekbones + grace, leaving us with much inspiration to keep striving for more, no matter what, especially if you’re different!

China, you will be missed while making heaven more glamourous.

(via WWD)