Top Ten Bird Picks To Fly Into Spring In Style

There’s no surprise I love birds, but these items here prove I’m not alone + in great company. Nothing screams Spring + Summer like the imagery of birds in an array of iterations from realistic prints, to illustrations + quirky motifs. Sure, feathers always make for a grand + dramatic statement, but they never come […]

Wearable Prints That Move With Motion

A self-confessed pattern whore, when I saw Anouk van de Sande’s range of patterned garments that produce visual effects as the wearer moves, I was more than happy to share with you all.   A graduate of Dutch Design Academy Eindhoven, Anouk’s ‘Print In Motion’ collection, is comprised of five-pieces that include matching tops + trousers, catsuits, a dress […]

Older Studio: Intelligently Functional With Tailoring + Textural Minimalism

When you look at Older Studio‘s pieces, two things jump out at you – texture + form.  Created by Morten Thuesen, the pieces are not so much a collection on their own but rather new additions to the longstanding Older Studio ideal of not existing in succession, yet as part of an ongoing assessment of sartorial femininity. […]

WANTED: Sala Cutout Dress by Stella & Jamie

What’s not to love about this dress – It’s short, it’s form fitting + uses color blocking to accentuate the female form.  With side black mesh panels, the breasts are accentuated with a faux sweetheart corset detail, while the skirt hugs below the hips, giving you an hourglass shape.  The back’s heart cutout pattern with […]