Area’s Spring Clothes Are All About Fun And Play

SS19, Area Netted Maxi Dress, Vogue Runway, cause and yvette

When you think of Spring/Summer clothes, many could easily name the same adjectives to describe them. Fun, relaxed and effortless would be my top three and how I would describe the Area’s SS/19 collection. And it’s no wonder when VOGUE RUNWAY cited Libuše Niklová as this collection’s muse.

‘Who is Libuše Niklová?’, you ask? (I know, I was in the dark too but always love to learn something new.) She was the Czech genius artist and inventor that created the first inflatable toys for children in the Sixties. ‘Playing’ was critical to this collection and for Area designers, Piotrek Panszczyk and Beckett Fogg, making her the perfect muse.

‘Playing’ Was Key For Area’s Summer

So how do you reinterpret inflatable creatures and strangely proportioned toys into a collection? Simply, by focusing on the fun and playful aspect of it all into everything that makes an outfit. Area’s designers told VOGUE RUNWAY, “We started thinking: What is important for us in fashion? I think as designers, in design in general, our core value is play. Playing is something so intellectual but also so pure,” which was very obvious from their designs. Thankfully, as much as fashion is all about having fun, Area took it literally without being kitschy or obvious.

SS19, Area, Dresses and Maxi Trench looks, Vogue Runway, cause and yvette

As seen in the designs throughout, Area’s designers manifested fun in several ways. There were fabrics in unexpected tones similar to the orange long trench with a shiny pearlescent pink sheen (right)  while the inflatable toys were reimagined by way of a pink bag (left) and other accessories.

A clear plastic mini apron, complete with crystal embellishments (left) amped up this tailored white shirt’s playfulness. Similarly, sparkly strappy sandals in a geo-pattern complemented the look. Then came the fun of playing with proportions as seen in the oversized colorful turban that finished that look.

Fun With Proportions

Area continued playing with fun in mixing silhouettes with texture. Kelly green, one of my favorite greens, made this pleated look (right) really stand out. A strapless top in a pleated fabric captivated with its drape across the chest from the left. Accentuated by a ruffled hem on both sides, it commanded attention.  With its long length, it glided down to the floor, giving the effect of a long train. Add shorts in the same fabric to the look and you can easily wear this for evening or day.

Another fun green look that played with proportion was the one below (right), thanks to the brilliantly structured big hat. Area’s iteration of a newsboy cap with a Sixties influence, mixed together with a brimmed turban effect, is a hat that would be hard for one to want to take off. A fun cropped sleeveless top with a neatly tied oversized bow at the center gave the outfit sweet innocence. To complete the look, embellished kelly green cigarette pants with crystals down the sides in a diamond line pattern were added.

The sparkle of the crystals made their way to a similarly patterned choker necklace, further accentuating the beauty of the green big hat. And no look is complete without the right bag, which in this case was a turquoise handheld mini trunk purse and matte Cookie Monster blue long nails.

Can’t Play Without Some Shine

Lurex came flirted with play in some of the looks. Below, you can see silver in a geometric pattern on biker shorts and its matching three-quarter sleeveless jacket. What I love about this look is how easily it can be a standalone look with a vacancy for addition.

The matching biker shorts could be paired with a long-sleeved or tee shirt, a tank top, or a sports bra, worn underneath the jacket. Whereas a sheer slip dress or sheer tunic over the biker shorts, in a contrasting color, with the jacket worn over it, to give the look more depth. But the key here is to have fun!

But it was all about shine with the first look. A simple toffee colored pant set, comprised of a criss-cross cropped fitted top with slightly cropped trousers, set the stage for some sparkle. A fun large diamond pattern sleeveless tunic worn over the top and pants added drama hemmed with long crystal strings down to the ankles. Throw in a silver handheld purse to the ensemble, made sure to say this neutral color came to play!

SS19, Area, Graphic print biker shorts and Tunic look, Vogue Runway,  cause and yvette

Chic And Fun Continued Playing With Ease

Now, who can say they can have fun if there’s too much effort involved? I surely can’t, which is why I have plenty of dresses in my closet. And this was key for Area, as noted in two of the looks below.

One look had simple white long trousers that were slim on top with a stovepipe leg. But here’s where it got interesting – the top! ‘Barazoku magazine, the first commercial Japanese gay magazine, is where the designers found inspo,’ said VOGUE RUNWAY. But for what exactly – the top’s print.

The designers recruited an artist to repaint a cover from the magazine for a print. In bright colors, the all-over print on white decorated a three-quarter length sleeveless shirt. The shirt, that crisscrossed along the front, had long panels that would mimic the movement of the pants when walking.

Long trousers in the pink geometric pattern with silver lurex played up the fun factor, yet again. Paired with a cropped hot pink long-sleeved top decorated with crystals, prompted the fun. The embellishments made their way down the sleeves, from the top of the shoulders down to the wrist. But this Area woman was busy indeed, as noted by the pushed up sleeves. A bubble gum pink rounded mini trunk purse with a hot pink handle and hot pink lattice detail made this practical look scream ‘fun, fun, fun!’

SS19, Area, cause and yvette



3 Designer Shoes Perfect For Fall Season

Fall Shoes 2018 favorites, Part One

(photo: Guy Bourdain)

There’s no denying I love designer shoes, especially when it comes to this Fall season. And WHY do you ask? Simply, variety, variety, variety, and boy, is there plenty for everyone!

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, there will always be predictable contenders to be coveted by all. It’s Fall after all, so there’s no denying the presence of boots. Sure, open toes are reserved for the ‘my feet look too pretty to cover up’ category, but with consistent care and caresses during months full of scaly and itchy skin, those beautiful feet could still use some warmth when covered up in such decadence like these shoes here.

Now, as much as I love to challenge the cold with open toe shoes, for this post, I’m going to focus on styles that keep the chills away like these white beauties by Prabal Gurung.

Prabal Gurung Look, designer Fall shoes, Getty Images


At a glance, you might think they’re just another pointy toe ankle boot, but it’s all about the form and detailing. Let’s pick it apart, shall we?

Upon close observation, the pointed toe gives it that ‘YES, I’M HERE’ effect worthy of stiletto high heel shoes, but as your eyes trace the top of the foot right before you make your way up to the ankle, you notice that deep stop, into a boxy shape. The boxy shape then takes on the look of spats minus the buttons, completing the boot effect. And just when you think the ride is over, there’s that heel. Boy that heel, that gives me all the right feels. It’s a sculptured heel, but it’s SCULPTURE! The heel commands attention as it rests on top of a sphere. Then that sphere connects to a thin yet sturdy cylindrical shape, cut on a bias, held together by a goldenrod. Bravo, I say, Bravo!

Look One – Designer Prabal Gurung Boot, Fall 2018

What’s best of all about this designer boot for Fall is that it can easily be dressed up or down. So I thought, “What would be a good look to go with this boot?” Of course, pants would show off these boots a lot faster, but I always love the element of surprise, which is why I opted for a dress, specifically this one.

Prabal Gurung Look, designer Fall shoes, Getty Images

The dress though, for this coveted ankle boot, had to be special, which made me select this number by Monse (Farfetch). Taking a page out of The Saville Row Fall trend, houndstooth is what rules here. This Off Shoulder dress with its houndstooth pattern is sure to catch someone’s eye. What makes it even more of a hit for me, is its ruched three-quarter sleeves, folded-over strapless detail, and its bias-cut skirt, with varied length skirt panels. One cross of the legs, would accentuate the dramatic flair of the skirt, as a way to announce ‘HERE’S MY BOOT, WHERE’S YOURS?‘.

But What More Can I Add To My Look?

But I wanted to keep highlighting the boot’s details, particularly the sphere that made up the other part of the heel. Enter Proenza Schouler’s Grateful Dead Turtleneck, in white, covered entirely in large black circles bearing a red bolt right down the middle. I felt a chill thinking about my shoulders exposed and loved the idea of that pattern peeking from under the dress’s houndstooth ruched sleeve. Throw on a white, red and black Plaid coat with silver detailing and jeweled buttons and I’m out the door!

So seeing as my dress pick has no pockets, where was I going to put my phone and things? I wasn’t about to be tacky and carry my phone and other in my hands, so what’s a chick to do? Prada and Zara of course!

Accessories Drum Roll

By pairing Prada’s Mini Cahier Leather Shoulder Bag in red and black with gold metal detailing and gold chain along with Zara’s red Embossed Crossbody Bag with gold metal detailswould just make the red bolt on the turtleneck pop. But what’s even cooler about this Prada bag are its cowboy influences shown by the metal accent panels on its front. And I know what you’re thinking-‘HOW COULD I MIX METALS LIKE THAT?’-all because the dress belt has silver metal detailing? What can I say, I like stirring things up a bit.

Still in the clutches of gold fever, I submit once more and opt for mismatched earrings in gold – an oversized matte gold heart with a dangling pearl and a Chloé Reese Drop earring with its double hoop design, just to give the ears, some graphic appeal to match the top. Ports 1961 Look, designer Fall shoes, Getty Images


Like a moth to a flame, Ports 1961 silver shoes became my ‘precious’, for a brief moment, as I live for anything shiny. A high heel pump covered entirely in silver tinsel and silver beading just screamed one word to me – PLAID! Call it intuition, call it madness or maybe I’m just gifted or twisted – take your pick.

Look 2 – Designer Ports 1961 Pump, Fall 2018

Ports 1961 Look, designer Fall shoes, Getty Images

If you didn’t know this already, I’m a huge pattern whore. Pattern play is the best way for pieces to flirt with one another. I especially love when it’s done using different plaids, in different colors, as seen above. (Another Fall trend.) Besides, what else would go better with shiny silver than plaid, right?

With orange, royal blue, grey and white Turned-Up Hem Plaid Pants and it’s matching Pleated Plaid Top featuring an asymmetrical pleat paired with a TALL Tartan Check Puffer Jacket in a teal, yellow, black and white plaid pattern, who can beat that?

What accessories would complement silver tinsel and plaid?

Iridescence and more silver of course! For earrings, all you need is one of the Neogem Diffraction Drops earrings designed by Nikki Couppee.  Lightweight faceted holographic plexiglass and brass make this earring extra special. Complete the look with this Binder Clip shoulder bag by Off-White, that cinches the high and low brands together seamlessly.


Tibi , designer Fall shoes, Getty Images


Tibi’s designer boot, in salmon red, is a surprise indeed. You don’t often see boots in that color. But it’s the shape of it that really caught my attention. There’s the pointy toe with a sloping dip on the top of the foot.  If you took the long leg off the boot, you’d be left with wearing a mule. Then you have its heel that looks like an even wider cylinder, underneath the heel of the foot.

Look 3 – Designer Tibi Boot, Fall 2018

Tibi Look, designer Fall shoes, Getty Images

For this Fall designer shoe, I chose to pair it with a Mary Katrantzou SMensy Blazer by Boutique, another Fall trend, and the mix of masculine and feminine will just add that something extra to the mix. I love how one pocket flap is slightly higher than the other. It perfectly mimics the different heights of the rectangles printed on the dress.

And accessories?

To round out this look, I recommend wearing Alessandra Rich’s Crystal Draped Circle Clip-On earrings, with its rows of layered crystal rows. These earrings would definitely add a little more sparkle and high drama to your look. Their large size, the geometric depth of the dress would really stand out. And finally, I would opt for The Volon’s Cindy Leather & Velvet Clutch in Velvet Pink, to carry my phone, lipstick, keys etc.

Inspired by Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage, with its rounded silhouette, this beautiful little number will be treasured for years. With pink velvet and metallic pink leather panels, they’re neatly gathered together by a drawstring gold chain. What’s great is that can be worn long or short. If that’s not dramatic enough, it has a dark olive feathered tassel at its base held together by a wide gold band. Finally, your effortlessly chic look is complete!

I hope you find inspiration from these looks I’ve styled for you.  And remember, DON’T LET THE CLOTHES WEAR YOU!

Let me know in the comments if you like or hate the looks – I’d love to know.

Zac Posen Finds Love In Florals For Spring

Zac Posen Spring 2018 RTW, VOGUE RUNWAY, cause and yvette

Zac Posen has prepared us for a Spring where romance and florals will conquer all. The collection featured plenty of looks reminiscent of Sixties glamour and ladylike appeal. Simultaneously, modern touches sprinkled throughout, elevated romantic silhouettes to new heights.

Most pieces could easily make their way from the office to a night out, just by switching up your accessories and maybe adding a strong eye or lip. Sometimes, these floral details appeared as colorful line drawings on top of sheer fabrics. One design that did this with great success was the strapless midi dress below. Depicting other parts of a flower like large leaves, made this dress stand out amongst the rest. Alternatively, you would just find a floral pattern complete with bold strokes of color, further enhanced by hints of metallic accents.

Zac Posen Spring 2018 RTW, VOGUE RUNWAY, cause and yvette

Floral Modesty Takes Center Stage

There were some dresses that played up a woman’s modesty. with its midi skirt + short sleeves with tie detail, while simultaneously, submitting to a woman’s figure with a heavily darted torso, highlighting the waistline + slightly accentuating the bust. A similar dress in white reminded me of a vintage nurse’s uniform, minus the tie detail + wider short sleeves, a lot could be by undoing a few more buttons on top, would deepen the neckline, exposing the hint of a lacy or mesh bra and adding sexy high heels, would definitely change the mood to effortless sizzle.

Zac Posen Spring 2018 RTW, VOGUE RUNWAY, cause and yvette

Zac Posen Spring 2018 RTW, VOGUE RUNWAY, cause and yvette

But in true Posen form, there were gowns for days, which he always masters. By now, I’m thinking he does this wearing a blindfold. I’m sure with awards season underway, how could he resist?

Some of the looks reminded me of two stunning celebrities. Actress Shanina Shaik would definitely capture our gaze walking down the red carpet in one of these dresses. Whereas Amal Clooney would just stop photographers dead in their tracks with her beauty and elegance. Thankfully, the designer offered an alternative to a dress being a maxi skirt. A long gray column skirt decorated with gray florals offered an alternative to his other skirted looks. Paired with a voluminous blouse bearing open shoulder detail and you’re ready for a night out with casual flair.

Shoes With Floral Personality

However, my favorite element from the whole collection was the shoes.  The satin T-strap heeled shoes had what looked like floral still lifes embellishing the heel. Designed in contrasting colors, they were hard to miss. The floral designs looked like brooches attached to the heel due to how much they protruded from the shoe.

Zac Posen Spring 2018 RTW VOGUE RUNWAY cause and yvetteZac Posen Spring 2018 RTW, VOGUE RUNWAY, cause and yvette

(photos: Courtesy of Zac Posen)



Release Your Mind & Body In Queens At Spec-Chuan Movement & Arts Center

chuan xie, scma review, cause and yvette

A few weeks ago, after attending an early morning Saturday dance class at Spec-Chuan Movement & Arts Center (SCMA), I started crushing on Queens in a big way. I took my first ever Bollywood class (part of their World Series classes), taught by Sankalp Sharma. Much to my surprise, not only did my body break a sweat but it also made me regress back. Back to my days back in daycare, I found myself running around, in every direction, to warm up. But you’ve been warned. Being in a room full of strangers, so early, running around like a small kid is sure to cause giggling.

How The Release First Started Thanks To Bollywood

Once Sharma began describing the first part of the choreography, I came to appreciate Bollywood dancing that much more. Like interpretive dance, your dance moves become a type of sign language to describe song lyrics. We danced to a love song. In it, the singer describes trying to seduce their love interest. Our dance moves then re-enact their every move to ensure he or she take notice.

We first started waving our hands while walking forward to highlight our swagger. Then we motioned to dipping biscuits in tea, which demonstrated our love. A few moves later, we cooled down with deep breathing and quick stretches.

But what made SCMA so special to drag me out of my bed in West Harlem to make it all the way to Queens on a Saturday morning? Quite simply, its founder, Xiao Chuan Xie (a.k.a. Chuan, pronounced ‘Truan’), seen below, + her journey that led to opening such an incredible place.

chuan xie, scma review, cause and yvette

How Xiao “Chuan” Xie Started Her Love Affair With Dance

Chuan started her dancing career in the Nanjing Jingling Arts Organization in China + trained as a ballerina before her 2009 descent into New York to join the Martha Graham Dance Company (a modern dance institution), which led to rave reviews from the New York Times. In 2015, Chuan then made her way to Broadway starring in the Tony award-winning production of ‘The King & I’, part of Lincoln Center’s Theater 2015 revival, with critical acclaim. Yet, this newfound success came at a price, which I further explored when interviewing Chuan.

xiaochuan xie, cole horibe, king and I, scma review, cause and yvette

(photo: Paul Kolnik)

From Chuan’s bio, I learned how Chuan’s mind + body disconnect led to her birth of SCMA. According to her, the grueling non-stop eight-hour days of dancing/rehearsal as a professional dancer (with Martha Graham Dance Company) kept chipping away at her body in ways a lot deeper than what lied on the surface. Once on Broadway, while doing intense repetitive movements on autopilot, regardless of her flexibility, led to a hip injury in 2015. During her recovery period, she discovered many ways to connect her body with her mind.

Finding The Connection Between Dance And Therapy

Chuan’s various therapeutic methods included Physical Therapy + Acupuncture, which made her aware of herself where she told me she was experiencing how the body can restore so many of our childhood traumas and memories without the conscious mind knowing it. She added, “ I found out that I would unconsciously lock my arms close to myself as a result of locking my rib cage as well as if I was over-protecting myself.

I discovered that my tailbone was always tucked under first because of my ballet training, second I believe it’s because the female protection (I am still studying this fact, which is fascinatingly happening to a lot of females); I also explored that I could connect with my organs, fluids, and nerves when moving so I would be more fully supported.” (See diagram below) So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that other classes taught at SCMA include Pilates, Yoga, Mindfulness Practice, Joy Flow + Evening Stretch.

I am able to see people’s movement pattern clearly + provide a suitable exercise or class for different people

The Association for Meridian & Energy Therapies illustration, scma review, chuan xie, cause and yvette

Of course, being a Certified Movement Analyst from Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies, Chuan deepened her understanding. Understanding how the human body and movement relates to our health and mental state brings us back to the importance of the mind and body connection. As the diagram above shows, when moving your finger, your toe or hand can affect your brain. This, in turn, is why I should’ve taken my dance class barefoot. Barefoot, I would’ve felt the energy reverberating throughout the bamboo floors up into me.

chuan xie, scma, cause and yvette

How Laban Movement Analysis Played A Role In Chuan’s Style

According to Chuan, Laban Movement Analysis (LMA) is a tool to observe and experience human movement in a detailed + multilateral way. Dance/Movement Therapy’s main observation method is based on LMA. Chuan explained, “I am able to see people’s movement pattern clearly and provide a suitable exercise or class for different people,“ + what better place to celebrate different people than in Queens for SCMA’s location over a spot in Brooklyn, the hub of NYC cool or even Manhattan.

It’s All In A Name

Even in deciding on the name, Spec-Chuan Movement & Arts Center, the inclusion of differences was one of the main components. Originally set to launch in 2016, at the time, Chuan told me how she asked friends to brainstorm ideas for the name. She mentioned to a friend how much she loved the rainbow because of how it always makes people smile + it contains so many colors and that friend suggested the word ‘Spectrum’.

Chuan said it sounded like Spec-Chuan. “I didn’t know the meaning of the word at the moment. Then I checked the meaning + I fell in love with it! Especially the Latin word ‘specter’ means ‘vision, apparition’,” said Chuan, whereas Chuan means river in Chinese. Chuan added, “I have this vision of light shining on a body of water, the water reflects the different colors of light back to the sky, + the water is flowing and the colors are changing constantly. The name fits my belief of the inclusiveness in an ever-changing world.”

chuan xie, scma, cause and yvette

The Importance Of Places Like SCMA

Now what I found to be so fascinating is Chuan’s timing for such a place. Considering the political climate that we’re living in now, SCMA is a safe place where different cultures are celebrated. With various dance classes offered, what better way to check your stress at the door than through dance? The dance classes include Bollywood, African/Caribbean, and Chinese Folk Dance. Everyone is regarded as the same is the great equalizer.

I even noticed for myself, through a quick neighborhood tour led by Chuan surrounding SCMA, the great diversity of cultures. You couldn’t ignore the heavy enclave of Chinese, Indian/Pakistani, Hispanic, and Caribbean people that live there. So for as much as these people might pass each other on the street on a daily basis, imagine them coming together to meet one another + shower each other with accolades through their different cultural dances? (Exploring dances from other cultures is in the works for the future.)

chuan xie, scma, cause and yvette

But Chuan isn’t the only one that’s noticed the impact wellness has on people’s lives. Immigrants themselves have taken notice. I am able to see people’s movement pattern clearly + provide a suitable exercise or class for different people. Throughout various stops during our tour, we came across many fruit markets. Some featured organic, freshly made juices + smoothies. Which signified how health was a signifier to the changing hood. SCMA’s presence in this Queens hood has added more synergy to a place already harmonious with the change of the times. Meanwhile, you can still find parts that have remained untouched for almost thirty years.

When thinking about Queens, don’t just think about all you can eat. Let this be a reminder of how much more you can experience. Go and visit Spec-Chuan Movement & Arts Center for a dance class. Not only will you not regret it but you’ll leave relaxed, smiling + maybe make a few friends. Click here to schedule your first class.




A View Inside Hunt Slonem’s Menagerie Of Painted Birds

Birds by Hunt Slonem, Glitterati Incorporated, cause and yvette

As a lover of birds from a very early age myself, there was no denying Birds by Hunt Slonem, © 2017, published by Glitterati Incorporated, would be a book I would instantly love. What makes Hunt’s work so striking is a lot to process. It’s not so much his brilliant use of color and repetition, but it’s also the tactile aspect of his paintings, with the many layers of paint + his handling of that medium used to create the amazing and globally acclaimed iterations of birds shown throughout this impressive 272-page tome.

This hardcover masterpiece is such that Hunt’s avian subjects seem to beg for a hint of flight with the flip of every page while spilling onto its silver gilded pages, it’s gray satin ribbon bookmarker and all over the inside covers.

Birds by Hunt Slonem, Glitterati Incorporated, cause and yvette

(”SWALLOWTAIL 1′, 2009 | ‘PARROTS’, 2013)

Exotic, lush landscapes of his childhood years in Hawaii influenced Hunt greatly. Writer, reporter and cartoonist Anthony Haden Guest pointed out, “Slonem has noted that he first was fascinated by parakeets when he was ten, and at sixteen bought some birds in a market in Nicaragua,” as A Colorful Home To Suit His Colorful Feathered Friends.

After visiting his New York studio once myself, I was transported into another reality. Each room I passed through was a work of art on its own. Several rooms completely painted in one singular color are briefly captured in the book. These colorful spaces were not only home to Hunt’s variety of exotic birds but to many of his painted works.

Inside, you could see parrots, parakeets, macaws, and cockatoos along with other exotic birds. But you could also see different groupings of the artist’s paintings + sculptures (below).

Birds by Hunt Slonem, Glitterati Incorporated, cause and yvette

Slonem was first fascinated by parakeets when he was ten and at sixteen bought some birds in a market in Nicaragua

Repetition Proved To Be A Huge Influence

Repetitive imagery, a motif synonymous with Hunt’s work, brought to mind, Andy Warhol. Hunt himself even mentioned this in an Interview magazine December 2011 interview, by Claire Stein. Slone said, “I was influenced by Warhol’s repetition of soup cans and Marilyn.” Adding, “But I’m more interested in doing it in the sense of prayer, with repetition… It’s really a form of worship.”

Repetition is quite evident in his attention to detail. Notice his signature of deep crosshatch marks applied to most of his paintings.

I’m more interested in doing it in the sense of prayer, with repetition… It’s really a form of worship

These indentations, a signature of Hunt’s work, further the theory of repetition. They give the image a sense of movement. But in Guest’s BIRDS essay, ‘You’re In Wonderland’, regarding this repeat technique,

Slonem will usually paint them in profile, as did John James Audubon, and he often arranges them by species + in multiple images, but not so as to emphasize their sameness in the manner of most painters of multiples, but rather to bring out at once their abundant presence and their lively uniqueness.

Birds by Hunt Slonem. Glitterati Incorporated, cause and yvette

(‘TOCOS 1’, 2008 | ‘HERB’S CARDINALS’, 2014 )

Technique is Everything

Author Jacqueline Bograd Weld describes Hunt’s paintings as “literally a whirl of paint-a thick impasto that Hunt grids or swirls at will.” Then adds how “the birds + images appear and reappear in a purely visual space, an all-over style, in which there is no clear beginning or end or edge or corner.”

It reminded her of his stylistic roots in the recurring imagery of abstract expressionism and in Jackson Pollock’s gestural painting. You can find this inside the Foreword A Fond Sonore. This clearly sets the tone for every masterpiece he assumes to create. Slonem always succeeds in creating masterpieces. Applying that last stroke of paint and or that last line cutting through it is a recipe for awe.

Birds by Hunt Slonem, Glitterati Incorporated, cause and yvette

(‘RUFUS ROLLER’, 2013)

With over one hundred bird paintings, Birds by Hunt Slonem, © 2017, published by Glitterati Incorporated, is sure to make a delightful gift for anyone. If they check off birds, color, patterns, texture, and fashion as their loves, this is the book to get them. But if not for someone else, it’s sure to breathe new life into your own personal art book collection. It’s perfect for escaping into the far tropics enhanced by one artist’s vivid imagination + deep adoration for birds.

As with all of Glitterati Incorporated’s books, Birds by Hunt Slonem, © 2017, published by Glitterati Incorporated, is a ‘must-cop’ and available for purchase here.


Gender Is Blurred With ØBLANC’s Utilitarian Vision For Fall

ØBLANC AW 2017 gender fluid Hunger tv cause and yvette

(gif: cause and yvette)

Called the ‘Interchangeable Workwear for the Hybrid Worker’, designer Olivia Le Blanc’s AW 2017 collection not only breaks gender barriers but also repurposes utilitarian looks with futuristic appeal under her brand ØBLANC.

ØBLANC AW 2017 gender fluid Hunger tv cause and yvette

Deconstructed to be worn in multiple ways, you have lots of “helper” to make it happen. Using various fasteners, bag straps + zippers, change the look of the wearer in several ways. Different pieces get to show some skin or distort one’s silhouette. By allowing the user to change the item’s fit every time, you really can’t get bored here. Let’s face it, who likes to be seen in the same thing twice, let alone pay more money to own more than one of the same? According to HUNGER magazine, this all ties into ‘ØBLANC’s focus on longevity + multi-purpose fashion, as well as paying homage to the functional + historic styles worn for work.’

ØBLANC AW 2017 gender fluid Hunger tv cause and yvette

If you love really long sleeves, you’ll love these. Why not just attach longer ones to it with the help of straps? Then consider removing them later? If you want to avoid getting them dirty when you reach for your hot cocoa come Fall of course. But what would inspire New York’s own to create such beauty with items most dismiss as looking too much like a uniform? Simply, Le Blanc told HUNGER how “the functionality + durability of workwear combined with interchangeability + unconventional materials” inspired this collection. Le Blanc’s sensitivity for the environment is made possible by using recycled materials + giving them that ‘little extra something special’ with her own spin to the final creation. In fact, Le Blanc told HUNGER how she’s been repurposing items dating back to her high school days. Le Blanc said, ” I think it is a great way to eliminate overproduction + influence DIY creativity for the masses,” adding, “I also think using unconventional materials such as inflatables +d rubber boots are an interesting trend in sustainability.”

ØBLANC AW 2017 gender fluid Hunger tv cause and yvette

Of course, don’t think for one second that Le Blanc is on the gender fluidity bandwagon simply because it is popular + the direction of the future, but it’s part of the founding philosophy for ØBLANC. As she told HUNGER, “The philosophy for ØBLANC is creating iterations of hybrid gender through the clothes. There is a need in American fashion for reducing the divide of femininity + masculinity in fashion. There needs to be more boldness in this realm of style.”

ØBLANC AW 2017 gender fluid Hunger tv cause and yvette

(gif: cause and yvette)


ØBLANC AW 2017 gender fluid Hunger tv cause and yvette

Overall, ØBLANC’s AW 2017 collection is not only interesting, unique + wearable but definitely one to keep watching for seasons to come.


ØBLANC AW 2017 gender fluid Hunger tv cause and yvette


ØBLANC AW 2017 gender fluid Hunger tv cause and yvette

ØBLANC AW 2017 gender fluid Hunger tv cause and yvette

(gif: cause and yvette)

(photos: HUNGER)

(via HUNGER)

Naked In Times Square To Promote Body Positivity

(NSFW – Strong nudity)

Your naked body by itself is sometimes weird upon observation, so imagine showing it to a bunch of strangers, for the sake of art?! Well, last Friday, I did just that. I participated in an art project that was both liberating and exhilarating!

If you were in the Times Square area that day, you might have seen my naked body. Thankfully, I was not alone. Along with more than 100 men + women, getting our bodies painted, as part of the free ‘BODY NOTES’ project aimed to promote body positivity. Considered ‘a powerful, positive visual feast’ by Cosmopolitan magazine, participants + on-lookers alike really enjoyed this event of using the naked body as a canvas to highlight different body types in bright colors. Much to my surprise + bewilderment, I found myself amongst their article photos, sporting my ‘resting bitch face’, as my friends often tease me, in all my blue naked glory.
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Inspired by the ‘Subway Therapy‘ art project comprised of post-its, creators Andy Golub, producer of NYC Bodypainting Day and Matthew Chavez, the street artist behind the subway project, thought it would be a great way for people to express themselves. And what better way than through their chosen words of affirmation and our bodies + that we did! But don’t you believe for a second, my decision to participate was an easy one to make.

Body Notes, public participants, cause and yvette

(photo: cause and yvette)

Building Up The Courage To Go Bare

Three weeks prior to the event, after seeing the ad with photos of past models, I became interested. I noticed the different statements across their torsos. And immediately, I thought,what I would write across mine?’. The only quote that popped into my head was by Nina Simone. I had seen a late Sixties interview of hers. When asked what freedom meant to her, she replied, “I’ll tell you what Freedom means to me. No fear.”

Freedom = No Fear

No other words could capture part of my journey, better than those when it came to body positivity. But my artist didn’t think they would all fit on my ‘body note’. So, I compromised and shortened it to read ‘FREEDOM = NO FEAR” as seen above.

After receiving my email confirming my pre-registration, I replied if a thong was going to be provided? They replied, “No – It’s full nude but you’ll be in good company.” Now, I struggled with the idea of not doing it as I had a problem with being fully naked.  But, I kept thinking, “I need to step out of my comfort zone.” And as Andy told New York Daily News, “Everyone feels that being naked is such a big thing but in reality that’s just who we are,” adding, “When you experience this, it quickly becomes no big deal,” + indeed it wasn’t, as seen here in one of the newspaper’s photos.

Body Notes, Shannon Stapleton, Reuters, New York Daily News, cause and yvette

(photo: Shannon Stapleton, Reuters|NEW YORK DAILY NEWS)

Getting My Body Ready For The ‘World’

After agreeing with myself that I was going to do this, I knew that my body needed a little boost. You see, I had not been consistent with exercising and wanted to look my best. For the next three weeks, I worked out harder just to look a little better naked for the ‘big reveal’. But let’s face it, not much was going to drastically change overnight.

I have a five foot by five-foot mirror in my living room. Every time I pass by it, I look at myself and my body. It doesn’t matter if I’m going to the kitchen or getting ready to go out.  I always sneak a peek, no matter what. So you can imagine my obsession during this time prior to my Times Square nakedness. Sometimes, I would even look into the mirror, with my back turned, bent forward, walking back to see how much cellulite was visible on the back of my thighs. Yeah, crazy, I know.

Having Latina Curves And High Fashion Taste

For me, the way my body looked was a major issue for most of my life. As a Dominican-American Latina, my weight was never an issue-the curvier the better. Growing up, having curves was something to celebrate especially in my family. I never saw a problem with how my body looked, no matter how big my hips, legs, cheeks or butt became.

Born and raised in New York City, one of the most fashionable cities in the world, my first glimpse of high fashion, ironically, was a variation of my first name – Yves. My love for high fashion was ignited by an early memory of a model in a Yves Saint Laurent pantsuit, sans blouse. I don’t remember if it was in a movie or from a magazine, but it changed my life. From that moment on, I was hooked. Of course, you never would’ve guessed that after seeing half of my childhood pics. I was a late, late bloomer, with braces, wait for it, ‘headgear’, and glasses to add to my mystique.

Body Notes, public participants, cause and yvette

(photo: cause and yvette)

But Where Did My Curves Fit In High Fashion?

As I grew older and got more into fashion, my ideas of beauty and how my body fit into all that, changed and unfortunately, became distorted. I still wanted the curves, but, with the thinness of the models, I saw everywhere, caused me to question a disconnect. The thing is when you have an hourglass figure, the way clothes hang on you is very different than how they hang on someone thin.

My body started changing. My weight fluctuated through the years marked by the strategically placed stretch marks that ravaged my body. But that didn’t come as a surprise. Stretch marks are sometimes given birth by sporadic weight gain and weight loss. To make peace with my stretch marks, I dedicated a poem to them. After that, I started calling them ‘my friends’, as they became a part of me, making my body their home.

And I tell you this when I was standing naked in Times Square, I didn’t care who was keeping count of how many I had or how dimpled my butt or thighs looked, especially when painted all blue, my color of choice. Wanting to channel Mystique from the X-Men, I chose blue for my body and yellow for my ‘body note’ square. The blue, however, turned out to be more Na’vi from Avatar, but, I still went for it. My paint job was complete and I was happy being blue. I was so in love with the blue and the experience, I rode the subway back home, still all blue, dressed in my clothes and navy shades (at least those matched).

Body Notes, Anthony Delmundo, New York Daily News, cause and yvette

(photo: Anthony Delmundo|NEW YORK DAILY NEWS)

The Day To ‘Go Naked’ Arrives

That Friday, I methodically picked out an outfit that was easy to take off and put back on. I decided to wear Italian dance pants with a drawstring waist, a tee shirt, and flip-flops. I didn’t wear any makeup as I was going to be all blue in a few hours.

Once I arrived, in a body shaking with nerves,  I proceeded to check myself in. All checked in, I made my way to the painting supplies table. There, I picked up my blue and yellow paints, sponges, paintbrushes, and a towel to stand over.

I found a spot and laid down my towel. But as I looked around, I noticed something. Never have I’ve seen so many amateur photographers and phones held high at ten in the morning. That part was a bit unnerving. However, I wasn’t going to let that stop me to do what I came to do!

“Paint Your Genitals First!”

I first pulled down my pants revealing my thong underwear (usually all I wear). Then the tee came off, followed by my bra and underwear. Starting with my arms, I began dabbing blue paint on my body. Then I hear this event organizer yell out to paint our genitals first. A volunteer body painter eventually made her way to help me completely transform. And I’ll never forget how sweet she was.  If I needed something from the ground, she made sure to get it for me. Since I was naked, I had no business to bend for anything.

Orange, blue and yellow naked people surrounded me and by this point, I was all blue. All of these people were smiling because they were giving their pride of who they were a ‘voice’. ‘Body Notes’ like ‘INTROVERTS ARE AWESOME’ sweetened the car exhaust-filled air. The traffic of cars stopped intermittently to catch a glimpse of all of our naked painted bodies. You couldn’t help but smile and enjoy the process of being part of something like this. As part of American society, we all struggle with loving ourselves. But, as it’s so true what RuPaul says at the end of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’,

“If you can’t love yourself how in the hell you gonna be able to love someone else?”

If you could get your naked body painted, what would you have chosen as your ‘Body Note’ + why? I’d love to know in the comments. Paint me curious!

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