Top Ten Bird Picks To Fly Into Spring In Style

There’s no surprise I love birds, but these items here prove I’m not alone + in great company. Nothing screams Spring + Summer like the imagery of birds in an array of iterations from realistic prints, to illustrations + quirky motifs. Sure, feathers always make for a grand + dramatic statement, but they never come with a guarantee you won’t be leaving most of them behind after one wear. So for those of you not knowing where to begin in finding what bird or birds to wear, here are my top ten picks to help you fly into the warmer months ahead in style! (If none of these are to your liking, at least they’ll give you an idea of how to incorporate our feathery friends into your already fabulously stylish life.)

1-ANN DEMEULEMEESTER Flying Bird Print T-Shirt | farfetch: is dramatic in all black with the white silhouette of birds in flight. 2-AU JOUR LE JOUR Bird Print Dress | farfetch: is adorable with its light turquoise background covered in a whimsical bird illustration. 3-ATELIER 2.2 SWIMWEAR Birds Of Paradise | tictail: is a triangle bikini with a realistic print of bold colored birds in their surroundings. 4-PHILIPPE MODEL Bird Print Sneakers | farfetch: highlights hummingbirds with glitter + pastel pink, with a red center sole accent, on a classic running style sneaker for chicks. 5-THE CASE FACTORY Lizard Effect iPhone 7 Case | NET-A-PORTER: with its print of birds + lush leaves will make people take notice every time you’re on your phone.


6-J.W.ANDERSON Hammered Gold-Plated Earring | NET-A-PORTER: adds drama to any look from his SS/17 collection. 7-ASOS Loafers With All Over Burgundy Bird Print: will add interest to any outfit with beautiful Japanese influenced design of cranes + florals. 8-N°21 Knotted Satin Clutch W/Bird Appliqué | LUISAVIAROMA: the knot detail on this golden satin clutch with silver bird appliqué is sure to work its magic for every occasion. 9-MARA HOFFMAN Bird Print Triangle Bikini | asos: another triangle bikini to turn heads but this time in bright light blue covered in contrasting colored bird illustrations. 10-PHILIPPE MODEL Toucan Bird Print Sneakers | farfetch: with blue accents, here are another pair of MODEL kicks, but this time with toucans on a camouflage all-over print of this classic running style shoe.

How To Build Your Wardrobe Around Snacks

For the most part, a lot of us take different cues on how to build a look, no matter the occasion. Some might start with a pair of shoes + work their way up while others might have a huge pair of bright statement earrings or a cool hat, ready to set the stage for their Friday’s persona. But ever stop + wonder what it would be like to center your wardrobe around your snacks? No, really. And sure, with your unicorn everything polluting all of Instagram (although I adore unicorns), with its latest addition being the Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino, this task could seem an easy one to pull off. What if you were then asked to work your look around an oyster? Yes, an oyster! (That’s no typo.) Thankfully, through the genius of two fiendishly creative collaborators, a photographic series does exactly just that + more!

Called the ‘Wardrobe Snacks’ series, photographer Kelsey Mclellan reappropriates food by making it a fashionable accessory that sets the tone for her subject’s monochromatic looks. Makes you wonder if that time you stuck that Twizzler in your pocket, sticking out ‘just so’, didn’t add that extra something to your outfit? And with the collaborative efforts of prop stylist Michelle Maguire, these beautiful images are elevated to an ingenious + brill level that will have them intruding your thoughts every time you decide to stash away your snacks for later. By taking monochrome wardrobe looks + pairing them with same color food items, you’re left with a slight smirk, while gazing at each image. Who could’ve thought a gray wool blazer over a sheer gray long sleeve blouse would look so great when holding an oyster?

An all-pink pantsuit is best worn when snacking on pink wafers of course while a deep purple blazer with burgundy pants is the only way to dress when eating Grippo’s Sweet Maui Onion potato chips in a metallic purple bag.

While most of our snacks, not always healthy ones, no matter how many times we publically boast about our healthy lifestyles, still make for great accessories. I for one think Mclellan + Maguire might be onto something in the Tater Tot as the new pocket square kerchief alternative as seen here, but according to Format magazine, that infamous Tater Tot scene in film ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ could be the real suspect.

And why wear any of the ever popular pizza emblazoned clothing items when you can just eat a slice, dressed in Tomato sauce red?

This photographic series will make you rethink “What should I wear out?” + replace it with “What am I eating while out?”,  when choosing your next outfit!

(via FORMAT)

15 Pink Pieces Perfect For Spring

Pink is one of Spring’s trends you can embrace especially with so many variations of this color. But really, when ISN’T pink a trend during this season?! Either way, whether going ‘full on’ pink, from head-to-toe or just adding a hint here + there, just do it! But if you don’t know where to begin, here are a few selections sure to compliment any wardrobe while not setting your credit cards ablaze with debt!

1-Pink Stripe Pearl Cuff Shirt would look great with anything, thanks to its pearl detail, PIXIE MARKET 2-Bauble Bar’s ‘Piñata’ Tassel Earrings would score you high marks when paired with your look, NORDSTROM 3-QUAY Capricorn Black And Pink Mirrored Sunglasses would outshine the best dressed anywhere with its bright pink lenses, LULUS 4-USB Leather Tassel Keychain + Charging Cord makes charging your mobile devices a lot more stylish, URBAN OUTFITTERS 5-Satin Rose Hat Pink with its embroidered red rose + the word ‘BODEGA’ is great for last minute brunch, BODEGA

6-Pan & The Dream’s Pink Tulle Socks are sure to add interest to any shoe you pair them with, NEED SUPPLY CO. 7– Nylon Jacket in gorge bright pink with its modern silhouette could easily make its way to the gym or into the night for hitting your favorite afters haunt, H&M 8-Ray Ban’s Oversized Round Pink Sunglasses are sure to spike any look with that Seventies vibe, asos 9-Ruffle Crepe Midi Skirt would look hot with any top thanks to its flirty front ruffle, TOPSHOP 10-POLAROID SWEATSHIRT is sure to add guaranteed appeal to your office look over a button down + or contrasting long sleeved tee, ZARA

11-LILY’s Pastel Pink Leather Backpack is just great with its simple design, silhouette + hand-embroidered fine details, TICTAIL 12-Pink ‘Sicily’ Platform Sandals add just enough pink for the office or a night out, DOROTHY PERKINS 13-CARVEN’s SHORT-SLEEVE TOP with a light watercolor-pink print + fluttery sleeves make it a ‘must cop’ for Spring, ANN MASHBURN 14-PEARL DETAIL CLASP CROSSBODY elevates this popular bag silhouette with a branded pearl detail clasp, CHARLES KEITH 15-Glacial Threader Earrings are handcrafted with organic pink colored glass drops, ANTHROPOLOGIE



Happy Birthday Nina Simone

In remembrance of Nina Simone’s birthday, here’s a clip of a live 1968 recording session in Paris performing ‘ The Other Woman’, one of my favorite songs from her vast catalog of treasures.  With lyrics:

But the other woman will always cry herself to sleep
The other woman will never have his love to keep
And as the years go by the other woman
Will spend her life alone

how can you not love this song, then again, how can’t your heart not break for ‘the other woman’ in this scenario? Devoid of any self-worth, this poor woman puts all her validation in the presence of this borrowed man as without him she ceases to breathe or even exist. Loves such as these, although toxic + one-sided, as the man is getting the better end of their arrangement, make for great songs of heartache, especially with Nina’s velvety voice, kindly whispering her lyrics into this ‘other woman’s’ ears as a guardian angel, hoping she takes heed of this poison + walks away, but the grip of her love for this man is by far stronger.


Happy Birthday, Nina!

Zac Posen Creates Wearable Fantasy For Fall


When I first glanced at the pics of Zac Posen’s Fall collection, I got all the feels! From his gowns with tailored bodices attached to ball gown + midi skirts + the expert draping abilities he’s known for, Zac presented pieces full of practical fantasy easily attainable by any wearer. Maybe it’s the textiles he chooses to work with when layered together to create a tiered effect or maybe it’s the idea of taking floral ribbon sewn on black mesh fabric to give the appearance of walking through a cloud of blooms in need of escape + finding the Posen woman as their vehicle for their freedom. But regardless of such things, each piece made anything seem possible from a day at the office, wearing a shirt dress in his famous Liberty print to a skirt suit with an almost bolero style jacket with three-quarter sleeves.

With every piece, you get lost in the smallest of details. From the embroidered holes, creating a pointillist floral design, at the bottom of sleeves kissing their cuffs, to the same detail on fabric panels that hang off the shoulders of a dress like a petal-like capelet to velvet ribbons sewn on vertically creating a caterpillar effect on autumnal colored floral printed textiles, you can’t but help get all the feels. Then you have a delicately layered collar with ruffles on a white top with long ties, under a blue blazer, as the same ruffles peek through covering the wrist, paired with a blue maxi skirt with a very high slit, reminiscent of a film noir femme fatale from the Forties punctuated by his amazing T-strap platform heels bearing a chunky block heel.

The more I stared, the more I could envision old Hollywood icons like Josephine Baker, Lauren Bacall + Greta Garbo, the same way I could see today’s Cate Blanchett, Ruth Negga + Tavi Gavinson lounging in many of these looks, breathing real life into Zac’s pieces seen below. I’ll be surprised to not find one of his gowns on the red carpet for the upcoming Oscars.



Delpozo’s Fall Sculptural Paper Dolls


While glancing at Delpozo’s Fall collection, I couldn’t help but think of the models looking like sculptural paper dolls. Paper dolls, known to be quite fragile + two-dimensional, Delpozo’s dolls were devoid of any hair more times than not, often covered with a hood, making them look like their paper alter ego. Now add sculptural geometric silhouettes to such a display + you can’t stop your mind to recollect images of Sixties futuristic fashions made popular by the genius André Courrèges. There were jackets with stiff bubble sleeves that looked like they were made of scuba material to retain their round shape so sternly while still respecting the female form with beautifully large lapels that curved around the neck, as they made their way down to their pointed ends. But their short length with an off-center front zipper gave the body of the jacket a flat corset look, minus the darts. Other times, this same effect was applied to single-breasted coats with sleeves that were made of two parts overlapping at the elbow like elongated tulips. When darts were ever applied accentuating the female form, it was usually in that of a jacket with a peplum + large buckled straps similar to the top below. However, for the most part, these stiff shapes were softened by showing long legs in bright tights or pairing them with very flowy or baggy bottoms.

These heavily sculptured pieces created by designer Josep Font were then softened by applying the same architectural enthusiasm to more romantic silhouettes like a triangle jacket in a floral jacquard textile with metallic florals, highlighted by a large ruffle that started at the end of the shoulders descending down its sleeves turning into its ruffled hem. Paired with a black + blue sheer Lurex hooded top + you’re left breathless. According to VOGUE RUNWAY, “Font works from art references—this season the rich palette was inspired by the Nabi painter József Rippl-Rónai, + the collection’s rounded shapes from the work of sculptor Max Bill,” + rightfully so when executed with such effortless precision. Even the buckles present in the collection were big circles themselves.

Yet another component that made a lot of Font’s pieces stay with you like a loving memory was his use of pattern + various embellishments. One such pattern was comprised of bright organic shapes on a knit rust colored sweater, embellished with large circular opaque  + iridescent sheer paillettes in an array of colors, along with dangling metallic leaf shaped pieces that also covered the whole front side of a large circular handheld tote. Florals in what looked like clear colored plastic, decorated dress straps, jackets + dresses alike. I especially loved the hint of these iridescent circular paillettes decorating the boot shoes as a diagonal strap from its top side to its inner ankle.

As a whole, the collection proved to elevate the female form by not focusing so much on how it’s shaped but rather on how shape formed the woman within. By shedding light on a woman’s personality, this woman’s strong point of view is clearly demonstrated by making such a strong fashion statement that is sure to set her apart from all the clones incapable of authenticity.


(photos: Luca Tombolini /



Stella Jean Takes Fall To The Boxing Ring


For Fall, designer Stella Jean not only wowed with her creative + signature use of prints, two themes that resonated just as loudly throughout the collection were boxing + hunting.

Comprised of several coats, jackets, sweaters, drop waist dresses, sweaters, midi + maxi dresses + a sprinkling of wide leg trousers, you can’t help but get lost in the details of each look. By applying the covetable satin elasticized waistband often found on a boxing shorts, emblazoned with Stella’s surname ‘JEAN’, at times above a drawstring, hinted at a casual feel to the look. Other times, this same waistband appeared as an elastic belt, over an interesting printed pantsuit, with a contrasting patterned top bearing a high lace collar (pic 1, row 3). Another way Jean took Fall to the boxing ring was by reiterating boxing shoes, in color blocked suede boots with laces + a square toe. The designer then played around with the hunting motif of mallard ducks flying across sheer + gray plaid midi skirts, worn over a longer length shirt dress, peeking from below. Vintage lunch bag purses subtly reinforced the hunting vibe of other looks as well.

Another thing about this collection was its uncanny transport in time to the Seventies, with zipper front collar sports shirts, with color blocking, tucked into a maxi tied patterned skirt.

Overall, the collection is very wearable + sure to push many to rip the waistbands off boxing shorts, just to appear they belong to the cool Stella Jean squad for Fall!





Sonia Rykiel’s Romantic Seduction For Fall


Billed with the ordinarily vague catchall of “a woman’s wardrobe”, according to VOGUE RUNWAY, Sonia Rykiel’s Fall collection elevated that theme by celebrating woman through looks worthy of the woman that works + plays hard.

There were plenty of midi skirts + dresses to choose from in a variety of different textiles, including the gorgeous cream crushed velvet dress above, bearing a front keyhole, paired with suede heeled platform loafers, highlighted by exposed patent leather exposed stitching along the edges, black pompom accents + thin ankle straps. Feminine details were added to make certain shirts resonate that much more by adding vertical ruffles to its sleeves, starting at the shoulder while working their way down to the wrist, giving a vintage feel to a modern silhouette similar to that of the look below, worn underneath a rust suede gilet in a striped pattern. But the romance did not end there. Broderie Anglaise was added to both the collar + cuffs of an all white cotton dress paired to perfection with a white vinyl trench coat bearing contrasting black buttons.

Although the collection was very much ladylike, mixing pretty dresses with long tasseled necklaces or belts + pant looks paired with a heeled shoe, you could easily throw on a pair of oxfords or kicks, + still look as sophisticated. For instance, take the long black knit sweater ensemble below, embellished with petals of what appears to be a very thin plastic, in an array of colors, paired with black cropped trousers + a white turtleneck underneath, would look just as cute paired with a flat shoe.

Sonia Rykiel has always created pieces that easily grant the wearer confidence with ease + chic style, without all the fuss involved with getting dressed. In fact, designer Julie de Libran’s own experiences + preferences were noted in her personal solution to wearing a leather skirt, which she was wearing when speaking to VOGUE RUNWAY. Noting her love for the attitude of a leather skirt, it nonetheless can be limiting, which led to her solution of creating a version in vinyl with sharp red stitching + leather buttons, giving the material easy volume + movement for easy wear. For me, if I could, I’d buy the whole collection as there was no one piece I did not like + I would imagine they would all become wardrobe staples for many years to come.