WANTED: Birds Print Pajama Robe By OFF-WHITE

As a lover of birds, silk pajama robes + all things OFF-WHITE c/o VIRGIL ABLOH, this piece is one to covet for life!

Besides the impressive colorful bird print in various sizes caught in mid-flight, against a black silk background, this long ‘OFF-WHITE Birds Print Pyjama Robe’ features the classic detail of contrast white piping throughout, a tie waist, a shawl collar + long sleeves. But it’s designer Virgil Abloh’s genius play of juxtapositions is what really makes this so good.

At first, what came to mind was the opulence of Japanese kimonos, often connected to luxury with a heavy price tag, like this one. But when stripped of its original silhouette + substituted for that of the relaxed yukata robe, its less expensive cousin, you have a winner. As usual, this is where Abloh’s genius use of juxtaposition hits high marks.

This robe sports an impressive assortment of colorful birds in various sizes caught in mid-flight, set against a black silk backdrop with contrasting white piping throughout, giving it that pajama feel. And if that weren’t enough, you have the word ‘WOMAN’ in all caps, embroidered across the top of the robe’s back. So what woman wouldn’t want to add this to her arsenal of fashion musts?!

For your very own ‘OFF-WHITE Birds Print Pyjama Robe’ head over to FARFETCH but quick, as they have very few left!

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