A View Inside Hunt Slonem’s Menagerie Of Painted Birds

Birds by Hunt Slonem, Glitterati Incorporated, cause and yvette

As a lover of birds from a very early age myself, there was no denying Birds by Hunt Slonem, © 2017, published by Glitterati Incorporated, would be a book I would instantly love. What makes Hunt’s work so striking is a lot to process. It’s not so much his brilliant use of color + repetition, but […]

3 Different Ways To Give Flowers For Valentine’s Day

For Valentine’s Day, it’s customary to give your paramour a bouquet of real flowers, albeit all in their favorite color + or, their favorite flower.  Now, the one true advantage here, depending on the type of flower, is the lingering fragrance until its inevitable date of termination.  But what about breaking with tradition this year […]

ABCs By Damien Hirst

Could you imagine, not only teaching your child the ABCs but also about contemporary art, by exposing them to work by one of the world’s leading contemporary artists?  Well that’s exactly what Damien Hirst did with his new ‘ABC’ book – a large-format board book for art lovers of all ages, which illustrates the alphabet using his art. […]