Coats + Jackets Gift Guide

Although the idea of giving someone a jacket or coat as a holiday gift might seem a bit much for most, “Why not?”, is my answer!  Just think how much you’ll be remembered next time your friends, siblings, parents or special someones are in dire need of one + you’ve now provided them with a new option, especially with such a cool selection to choose from below. You can thank me later! gg_coats1

1-In this red off-centered ZIP UP HOODIE JACKET by FENG CHEN WANG|VFILES with frayed trimming, drawstring + buckle details, + a center pocket you can add more swagger to your look 2-Nothing will gain you more admirers when wearing this FAUX FUR VARSITY JACKET by OPENING CEREMONY with its leopard print, slanted front pocket + two-tone ribbed collar, cuffs, + hem 3-This army-green LAYERED QUILTED WOOL AND SHELL PARKA by SACAI|MR. PORTER is both functional + stylish made from quilted wool + sporty shell, with its high collar, elasticated cuffs + adjustable hem that keeps drafts out 4-J-KILL QUILT LINED BOMBER JACKET by Diesel|NORDSTROM is a bomber with a geometric pattern sure to be a simple ‘go-to-always’ item for any occasion 5-Channel your inner Jedi in this loose fit RAINCHO HOODED WATERPROOF COAT by NORWEGIAN RAIN|MATCHES FASHION in breathable fabric that’s also windproof, with adjustable wide dolman sleeves, cashmere fleece-lined throat latch + a skinny canvas belt 6-This navy CASHMERE WOOL COAT by ZARA is a true classic with oversized check pattern + back slit 7-‘STUREBY’ PADDED COAT by STUTTERHEIM|FARFETCH is a stunner in bright orange


8-You’ll be sure to add sparkle to any look with this SEQUIN MARABOU FEATHER JACKET by TOPSHOP 9-Grey always compliments any look especially when it’s a FAUX FUR COAT WITH OVERSIZED COLLAR AND BELT by ASOS 10-Nothing is more exciting when clothing comes accessories ready like this OVERSIZED DOUBLE-BREASTED COAT by A.W.A.K.E.|MATCHES FASHION complete with raw edges, + punctuated with optional self-fabric flower + red high-shine faux-leather bunny brooches 11-You’ll gain many more stares wearing this wool color blocked KATE LONG COAT by REJINA PYO|SINCERELY TOMMY 12-It’s all about sexy when it comes to this quilted OTIS VELVET ROBE JACKET by KIMCHI BLUE|URBAN OUTFITTERS cut long with a notched collar + tie-belt at the waist, finished with low patch pockets at the hip 13-This green SLEEVELESS PADDED COAT by MSGM|FARFETCH with ruffled bottom would make your look that much more spectacular

How Celebrities’ Possessions Became Their Obsession


In the spirit of the holidays, no book holds more truth in what lies behind what you choose to buy someone as a gift more than Monica Rich Kosann’s book ‘A Possession Obsession: What We Cherish & Why’, published by Glitterati Incorporated. Known as ‘the eyes of Bergdorf Goodman’, Linda Fargo asks “Do we possess or are we in turn possessed?”, which then made me ponder that question as my eyes panned a room in my home + contemplated which possessions I held dear or rather, which possessed me? Without any forewarning, memories began to flood my mind of where + when I was that made that single dangling earring or rose gold paper clip so special. But it’s items as random as these that bring forth to question the obsession of such possessions or any, for that matter?


As Kosann notes, “Possessions tell stories about their owners + the lives they lead,” which still holds true even after the owner is long gone to then be resurrected with a new bio to call its own, thanks to its new beholder. What’s amazing about the possession obsessions captured here, besides being owned by the many different celebrities, ranging from famous designers to writers, is the backstory that answers the “Why?” that made their chosen object so dear. Kosann then goes the extra mile to better capture each heirloom surrounded by some of her subject’s other possessions, giving the reader a more intimate gaze into that person’s much-faceted personality if not privacy, granting their anecdotes more depth in the form of answers to specific questions.


All of the subjects were asked the same five to nine questions including how they came to own their possession + how they live with their heirloom. But other questions try to investigate this topic in greater detail by asking whom in their lives influenced their personal style + taste, which can explain further why their chosen possession is such a standout compared to others, to describing their ideal day, which lends to the idea of how this heirloom is a ‘fit’ with said owner’s personality.


Obviously, you might gravitate to some more than others in the book, depending on how close your heirloom is to theirs, or simply how much you admire a particular celebrity. The subjects are also asked to recall what was the most memorable gift they’ve ever given or received, which puts the subjects’ taste + style under deeper scrutiny. This then prompts a storm of thoughts of how their life or that of their gift recipient’s will resonate with this new addition in it?


Consequently, a place to shop for history + unique appeal would often contain antique + or vintage pieces, so, of course, Kosann asks her celebrity subjects what is their favorite haunt for such. Yet stylist + skincare cult Rodin Olio Lusso creator Linda Rodin answered it best with, “Anywhere + everywhere. A treasure is beckoning me from all sorts of places.” And can’t that be said just about anything, as the greatest ideas can come from the oddest of places?


Monica Rich Kosann’s book ‘A Possession Obsession: What We Cherish & Why’, published by Glitterati Incorporated would make the perfect gift for anyone interested in beautifully shot intimate portraits of celebrities + what possessions have made them obsessed to possess them. To begin YOUR obsession, purchase a copy at Glitterati Incorporated.


Six Jewelry Holiday Gift Picks

With the holiday season upon us, what better way to make an impact than with a beautiful + unique piece of jewelry as the perfect gift?! And to help you out just a bit, I’ve picked out these pieces below to help you score high marks + big smiles.


1-SPUR EARRINGS YELLOW by Hannah Martin are sure to stir conversations with their iconic spur shape from the ‘It’s Only Rock N Roll’ collection 2-SINGLE LETTER CHOKER by The M Jewelers is both on trend yet timeless + the kind of piece you’d never want to take off 3-DOUBLE POWER BRASS NECK CUFF WITH FLUORITE by Laurel Patrick|No.6 Store is perfect to accentuate any collar bone with brass + natural polished green fluorite crystals 4-HAVANA EARRINGS by Lizzie Fortunato|Ann Mashburn make a statement with handmade red beaded tassels + labradorite stone tops 5-LADYDAY DROPS by FARIS captivate with their bronze flower-shaped uneven drops suspended from circular silver studs 6-MAYA (SILVER) by OUTLETTE JEWELRY with their honeycomb shaped mesh say just enough in the simplest way possible.


Finally, Panties That Actually Fit Your Big Booty


As a proud owner of a big booty, more times than not, my panties, like some leggings, just don’t fit properly unless we’re talking about thongs. Usually, the waistband rides high in the front but stays where it’s supposed to be in the back. Enter the genius behind Amy’s Undies. Created by St. Louis’ Amy Jones, she figured out how there’s a measurement differential based on different sized butts.


Amy realized the sizing system for women was broken + had not caught up with the times featuring women with a lot more curves. In acknowledging how much the current sizing system left a lot of women out, she made a new one. Amy’s Undies patented ‘Curve Sizing’ , has expanded the sizing system by an additional 15 sizes to fit those of us that have been gifted with more in the backside. With traditional sizing allowing for XS, S, M, L, XL etc., Amy’s Undies have expanded on this to add the Curve that increases the sizes available by more than 300%.



If you suffer from eternal wedgies due to having your plumper backside being pushed into “normal butt” panties, rejoice with this new patent pending sizing system, making that issue a thing of the past. But here’s Amy herself explaining this revolutionary sizing in the video below:

To further support Amy’s Undies, go to Indiegogo for further support.


So ladies, stop letting regular underwear making you think your butt is too big + join the campaign to wear panties that are made to fit you + not the other way around!


‘MY ElIZABETH’ By Firooz Zahedi-A Love Letter In Words + Pictures


In celebration of World AIDS Day, book ‘My Elizabeth’ by Firooz Zahedi, published by Glitterati Incorporated, captures the late Hollywood icon Elizabeth Taylor, creator of The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, one of AIDS research’s biggest crusaders up until her death, in all her majesty + inimitable sense of style. If you’ve ever been seduced by the allure of her beauty, her talent, her excess, her gossip-riddled life + career or all of the above, then you must add this to your personal library. Documenting a thirty-five-year friendship with Zahedi, this part memoir part homage, through words + photography, captures Liz with undeniable honesty, but all with the air of glamour only she knew how to serve.


Started as a simple request a few years ago, Firooz had Liz’s permission to create a book of his photographs of her, but it never materialized until after her death in 2011. In light of this loss, Firooz expanded on his original concept by sharing some of the stories of their friendship, illuminating her humanity + compassion, accompanied by fantastic moments caught on film from the far reaches of Iran to her Bel Air home, often with her faithful companion Sugar, her cherished Shih Tzu.


Firooz + Liz first met in 1976, when Firooz was a 27-year-old former diplomat + struggling photographer. This is when her generosity of spirit took hold of them both resulting in their longtime friendship + a type of mentorship which helped establish Firooz’s career while landing major assignments. Then again, upon gazing at each of the photos inside, you can’t help but agree with Liz about Firooz’s immense talent.


From moments stolen while visiting the Lincoln Memorial in Washington to the shopping bazaars of Tehran, all of Liz’s pics reveal a sense of ease in her gaze. The photos shot by Firooz seemed to capture a Liz with her guard down, which couldn’t have been easy for Liz to do for just anyone, having been in the public eye since the age of eight, let alone for Firooz, who must’ve held his breath a few times before he too shed the shock of whom he was shooting at that moment. In fact, one of the photos from Iran where she is shot with the Taj Majal diamond pendant given to her by ex-husband Richard Burton, dangling from her forehead on top of a makeshift turban from ornate jewel-toned fabrics, Firooz had to smoke a joint to relax, which he recounts in great detail. Vanity Fair correspondent Bob Colacello thought, “These images were evocative of Matisse + Klimt, regal yet sensuous, + glamorous to the point of verging on camp, display the star in all her cinematic splendor.”


Of course, behind all the celebrity that was Elizabeth Taylor, celebrity journalist Liz Smith said, “ Elizabeth’s AIDS work defined her, as if all the scandal, foolishness, and obsessive media interest had been simply a foundation upon which to make a point,” which truly imbued her sense of humanity, compassion + the selfless act of her unwavering generosity of spirit. Firooz said, “Most importantly, she saw the good in people + encouraged others to see it as well,” simply because she loved to laugh + she loved to live, without making excuses rather than just exist inside a gilded cage created by the media + fame.


‘My Elizabeth’ by Firooz Zahedi, published by Glitterati Incorporated, certainly is a book Colacello referred to as a love letter in words + pictures: the culmination of a thirty-five-year friendship. It truly illuminates her humanity + compassion, just as Firooz intended to do with great success.


For your very own copy of ‘My Elizabeth’ by Firooz Zahedi, published by Glitterati Incorporated go to Glitterati Incorporated.

‘Lyla’ Loves Your Neck With Leather Florals


Leather, with its guaranteed sexy of skin on skin, not to mention its intoxicating smell, is all that + more with piece‘s ‘Lyla‘. Hand painted hand-made strips of 100% leather + custom-cut sequin sheets, become intricate shapes that resemble flowers + leaves to adorn your neck. A 1 ½’’ wide adjustable extension at the back neck closure, with 4 extra rows of hook + eye facets to fit each neck size of moldable felt + base fabric lining, set the stage for this dark beauty. Just look at the elaborate flowers carried all the way to the back of this neck accessory!


Sequin sheets are cut, + arranged in a front-to-back sequence, creating a mix of shine + matte textures on each delicately sewn flower, with heightened detail + sparkle created by crystal studs + painted beads. Of course,  placing ‘Lyla’ over some evening confection of sorts is too predictable but if you paired it with a more lax look, below is the kind of magic that could be achieved.


Piece’s ‘Lyla’ over Y Project’s BURGUNDY BALLOON SLEEVE SWEATSHIRT|AVENUE 32 with gathered balloon sleeves + burgundy bow ties with a golden almost orange underside through large grommets, worn with Veja’s dark straight fit denim CURVED CUFF PANTS|Opening Ceremony featuring a buttoned back waistband panel + buttoned ankle cuffs really make a statement. To marry both the colors of the balloon sleeves’ underside bow ties + the burgundy of the top, Kim Kwang’s METALLIC FINISH LEATHER SANDALS COPPER|WOLF + BADGER are the perfect shoe. Edie Parker‘s JEAN SOLID in pearlescent orange further highlights the harmonious color palette of this look while NASTY GAL‘s faux fur patchwork in wine, cream, black + gold of its RYE CAPE COAT, encapsulates the look into one to gag over. Of course, with hands being a point of interest with so much happening at the wrist, you’ll need to make your hands that much more captivating with talons colored Chanel‘s LE VERNIS in ÉMERAUDE, a metallic forest green while wearing this gorge BURNISHED GOLD-PLATED EBONY RING by Valentino|NET-A-PORTER on your favorite finger.

The ‘Bianca’ Bandana By piece Is Pure Fiya


In adding ‘Bianca‘ by piece to any look is sure to add that delicate touch with its sheer delight. Embellished by ornate hibiscus + black hand-beaded custom frosted + shiny crystal sequins alongside hand-dyed beads, shine + matte textures get to play ‘nice’ with one another for added impact.


Noted as a collection favorite for designer Bita Rad, the traditional bandana neck scarf’s contemporary appeal is achieved by its raw-edged mesh base while elevated with a luxe texture created by its unique intricate beadwork. Featuring a large snap button closure at the back neck for easy wear, ‘Bianca’ could make any outfit a sure knock-out as seen here.


In adding this CLAIRE VELVET CHOKER NECKLACE|Urban Outfitters under ‘Bianca’, is sure to add more interest to your neck. Now wear that over this on-trend white chiffon FLUTE SLEEVE TOP|Topshop adorned with tie detail paired with these black KARLINA PANTS by Alexis|SHOPBOP highlighted by soft ruffles at the left side seam, you’re sure to start feeling special right about now. But when you add this black + silver SPIRAL ARCHITECT SUEDE HEEL by Kat Maconie|NASTY GAL , accessorized with the double sided crystal embellished CRYSTAL NEV ZIP CLUTCH|Opening Ceremony complete with its unique ball chain + fur straps, you’re sure to turn heads. Then finish your look with this cream shearling GENERE JACKET by Collina Strada|Need Supply Co. + black SMOOTH FELT EXTRA WIDE BRIM HAT by Borsalino|LUISAVIAROMA for real fiya, sparking that Seventies vibe!

‘Ivy’ Is Sure To Make Any Man Look Hot


What’s most striking about piece‘s ‘Ivy‘ is how it looks like a bunch of genetically altered daisies captured in time by cans of gold spray paint which are in fact sprayed with a pearlized tarnished coating, for that antique finish. The flower petals, made of tarnished gold metal paillettes + metal caviar beads, have a hint of sparkle by the gold-tone crystals at the center, making this a perfect accessory for a man.



I love how the flower motif continues all the way to the back, as seen here, featuring a 1 ½’’ wide adjustable extension at the back neck closure, with 4 extra rows of hook + eye facets to fit each neck size.

The way I would love to see my man wear ‘Ivy’ is over this square neck navy WIDE QUILTED SWEATSHIRT by Camo|NEED SUPPLY CO. with partial side seam zippers paired with these bright cropped PLAID PANTS by Comme des Garçons SHIRT Boy|Opening Ceremony with dropped crotch. To ‘up’ the texture game, why not wear black LATEX SOCKS by Just Latex|etsy with gold PANELED LACE-UP SNEAKERS by Les Hommes|farfetch. By adding this black LIGHT COTTON GABARDINE MILITARY PARKA by FAITH CONNEXION|luisaviaroma + PHILIP LIM GRADIENT MASK SUNGLASSES by Linda Farrow|luisaviaroma, this man will definitely look lit!