Celebrate Heath Ledger’s Legacy With This Limited Edition Commemorative Tee


Designed by Heath’s sister Elana Rosa, the tee features Heath with his skateboard.  Shot by NY Photographer Ben Watts (Actor Naomi Watt’s bro) + a close friend of the actor’s, the image displays Heath’s down-to-earth yet fearless character.  Shot down in the LA river, it was a pic more about having fun rather than being fashionable or looking good, according to the photographer.  Yet, no matter what, it still makes for a great looking tee – I imagine it would look even cooler if the sleeves were cut off as well as the collar to give it that ‘worn’ look to match the ‘vintage’ filter look of the pic itself.


Watts says on the Heath Ledger site, ’ Heath loved surfing + skating so I knew it would make for a great day of pics which Heath would enjoy.’  

The first Heath Ledger product to be approved by Heath’s estate + endorsed by his family, proceeds of the sales go to support Channel 7 Australia Telethon Trust, The Australian’s in Film Organisation + The Heath Ledger Scholarship.  Available for $105AUD ($109USD) on The Heath Ledger site.


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