Now THIS Is How To Get Plugged With BLESS M Special Extension Cord


Tell me this extension cord is not sick + just in time for back-to-school too?!

With so many electronic devices plugged under your desk at work or at home, it usually ends up looking like a cluster fvck of black, grey + white wires.  Sometimes, you might attempt on getting creative + try to find a colorful surge protector, but even that option is limited.

Enter the genius that is the BLESS M Special Extension Cord.  True, it’s nothing but a surge protector however, unlike many others of its kind, what sets this one apart from all the rest are the tightly coiled multi-colored wires encasing the extension cord. Yet truth be told, several DIYers out there could probably recreate this for half the cost but for instant gratification, cop yours at HONEYEE.  

(via stupidDOPE)

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