It looks like Wednesday is going cray cray!  Now, instead of insanity being quiet, it’s now animated + evil, with plenty of curves + style, in MADLICK’s ‘Colombine’ music video.

In case you didn’t know, MADLICK, is an Acid dance crew from Berlin, featuring Jiga + Eva, that produce hauntingly cool sounds.  In their live shows, they use a drum pad, bass guitar, analog synthesizers, vocals & music toys. 

Jiga, in her pigtails + super cool shades above, was born in Jerusalem + played bass for metal bands.  Wanting to be more than a bassist, she bought a $50 synthesizer + a computer + began producing on her own.  She formed the band ‘Analog Pussy’ + played all around the world.

Then there’s Eva, a cool + nerdy visual artist who exhibited worldwide from Tokyo to NYC, is a self-taught musician.  She plays a drum machine, electric guitar, uses old analog synths + her voice.  Together they formed MADLICK + together they write, produce + master their songs.



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