Applauding all different kinds of women for being wonderful, from those strolling about with unkempt hair to the posh lady who ONLY sleeps on four figured sheets, Karl Lagerfeld managed to create a cohesive collection with pieces that intended to be seen at the same time + at the same place, the street.

Beautiful floral prints on leather, of Karl’s design, decorated boots + shoes, ready to march in protest while reversible coats in beautiful tweeds also made as strong a statement.  I particularly loved Karl’s take on the polo shirt in a suit green pinstripe with a collar + cuffs in a contrasting colored tweed.

Now I don’t know what it is about the center look above but it just made me swoon with every little touch.  Could it be the eye makeup paired with those  shades, with the mostly purple look broken up with a pink floral scarf + the grey purse?  Maybe, but it just works for me on all levels.  

Karl almost made it as a game in which he asks, ‘Can you spot the posh + street look?’  Once such case is the third look above, where the arms piled up to there with bangles is a ‘street’ signature.  Yet no matter what, every look was flawless.


Luckily, voyeurs have the pleasure of seeing both high + low looks worthy of all different kinds of women that do nothing but always bring out her best.

(via WWD)

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