I get excited over anything Karl Lagerfeld + or Chanel related, so imagine how quickly my heart swooned over this trailer for Chanel’s short film ‘Reincarnation’ by Karl Lagerfeld.  Set to accompany Chanel’s Métiers d’Art collection in Salzburg next week, the film features Cara Delevigne + Pharell Williams.  And with Pharell involved, the film’s sound of music is definitely one to be enjoyed especially with an original Williams composition of ‘CC the World’, sung along with Cara Delevingne’s soulful voice, the model’s first as a singer.  The film recounts one of Chanel’s formative moments where Coco Chanel, upon seeing the uniform of the elevator operator of the Austrian hotel where she vacationed in 1954, which inspired the now iconic Chanel jacket.

‘Reincarnation’ debuts on Dec. 1, a day ahead of the Paris-Salzburg fashion show at the Schloss Leopoldskron, so mark your calendars to watch the whole thing then.


(via WWD)

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