Voice-over narration can be tricky sometimes, but other times, it’s pure genius, with the right voice of course.  Such is the case with ‘Barbara Casasola: Menswear For Women’ By Marie Schuller for SHOWstudio, this year’s Beauty Prize winner from A SHADED VIEW ON FASHION FILM festival.  Starring Jamie Bouchert, the alluring, mysterious + sexy musician slash model, her voice-over is just perfection! 

Rather than focusing on the clothes, SHOWstudio’s Marie Schuller focuses  on capturing the independent spirit + playful attitude of Bouchert, considered to be the perfect example of the independent Barbara Casasola woman + muse to the Brazilian designer.  Many of the shots explore nudity or the naked body getting dressed, offering a sensual nod to Casasola’s obsession with the unclothed female form when designing.  Notice the heavy influence of Guy Bourdin + Helmut Newton seen throughout the film, especially those blinds?!

Of the lines spoken by Boucher, here are a few of my favorites:

‘I learned that the hands, if you observe them well, can be as expressive as the face, even better than the face, as they more easily escape the control of the will.’

‘For me, there are three types of girl – those with one expression, those with two + those with three.’

‘It’s too beautiful here, to get any work done.  All this beauty can be exhausting.  After all, everything is beautiful.’



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