Secretly, I’ve always wanted to be a DJ + or producer.  Some of you might think that one doesn’t have to do with the other, but, the latter is simply an organic progression, if you’re any good.  Now, why didn’t I pursue that dream, you ask?  Simply, money.  To be the best I needed a lot of different tracks from so many different genres, just to find my own voice + style,  + that was when it was sounding more + more expensive.

But, am I unhappy to not have followed in that path?  Not terribly, but often, I wish I could create remixes out of thin air especially when I hear a good track that I know can be that much better, with a tweak or two.  I rather leave it to those a lot more skilled like in this exclusive clip above of ‘I’m Tryin To Tell Ya’, the footwork documentary by Tim + Barry featuring DJ Earl with ‘Beat This’.  To see DJ Earl start with a few sounds, playing around with their tempo + creating layers on top of layers on top layers, is just amazing, when you hear it all together as one cohesive piece.  Now, it’s not a mind-blowing + complex piece of work, but a lot of the time, simplicity is a lot harder to achieve well, like my man DJ Earl does here.

The documentary started in 2012, documenting Chicago’s Footwork Scene which according to Purple is ‘a scene ingrained in the lineage of the City itself, filled with effervescent dancers, storytellers + beat makers. The documentary features key players on the scene, such as DJ Rashad, DJ Spinn, Manny, Traxman + Arpebu.’

Click here to view the full length documentary.


(via PURPLE)

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